New The Last Of Us Footage Shows Off HBO’s Faithful Adaptation

New The Last Of Us Footage Shows Off HBO’s Faithful Adaptation
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Tom Chapman


4th May 2022 13:54

Even though it seems that HBO's The Last of Us adaptation is moving slower than a zombified fungus, there's good news for the upcoming live-action series - as new footage shows off a glossy adaptation of Naughty Dog's IP. It's a fine balance between striking out on your own and delivering something that's faithful to the source material.

While the likes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Paramount's live-action Halo series have proved, it's not that hard to do. Elsewhere though, we've had the Milla Jovovich Resident Evil movies and Johannes Roberts' reboot being slammed for being too far removed and too close to the games at the same time. Sometimes, there's just no winning, so where does that leave Craig Mazin's The Last of Us

What Is The New The Last Of Us Footage?

Although we know The Last of Us won't hit its expected 2022 release date, we're happy with next year if it can deliver on the hype of it being our next TV addiction. HBO is known for powerhouses like The Sopranos and Game of Thrones (ignoring the last season), so couple this with Chernobyl's Mazin at the reins, AND a story as good as The Last of Us, we should be on to a winner.

From the various set photos and videos we've seen so far, it's been relatively easy to track where the story is going. Seemingly filming in order, fans have been able to decipher which major moments from 2013's game are being filmed, and when.

Twitter account The Last of Us TV shared side-by-side footage of Ellie crawling through a narrow vent while Joel watches on. We'll admit that while it isn't exactly a landmark moment from the OG, it at least shows how much Mazin and co. have studied the games. Keeping up with the various leaks, this is the latest in a number of game-accurate recreations.


When Will We Know More About The Last Of Us?

When Game of Thrones alumni Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey were announced for The Last of Us, most agreed they fit the look of their video game counterparts. In particular, we've seen glimpses of Pascal sporting Joel's signature facial hair. For whatever reason though, HBO is playing the long game with marketing. Apart from a single shot from behind, there haven't been any official stills. Maybe it's because of the vocal minority that called out the pair as "not my" Ellie and Joel.

In terms of faithful adaptations, Sony's live-action Uncharted movie was called out for deviating too far from the story that was established by the games. With this being the second big-budget Naughty Dog adaptation in as many years, here hopes it's second time lucky. Remembering Pedro Pascal hasn't actually finished The Last of Us, he's presumably taking notes too. Now, it's back to waiting for some official footage. Come on HBO, gives us the trailer. 


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