New MW3 movement mechanic transforms players into snakes

New MW3 movement mechanic transforms players into snakes
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Alex Garton


21st Nov 2023 17:00

Gunplay is the fundamental skill determining a top-tier Call of Duty player, but movement over recent years has become increasingly important.

The rise of mechanics like slide-cancelling and bunny-hopping has increased the skill gap significantly, with Sledgehammer even embracing certain techniques with MW3.

Of course, there will always be a line where a new trick goes a little too far and is outright unfair to use in multiplayer.

Well, a new movement mechanic that transforms players into snakes has arrived in Modern Warfare 3, and while it may be funny, it's also causing a lot of frustration.

New CoD movement mechanic turns you into a snake in MW3


As showcased by popular Call of Duty account ModernWarzone, a new movement mechanic transforms players into a "literal snake."

The technique effectively allows you to travel at maximum speed while prone, making it look like a player is slithering along the ground.

It's safe to say this gives you a huge advantage over your foes, as your hitbox is significantly smaller and no one is expecting you to travel around a corner while prone at sprint speed.

This mechanic or glitch can only be done on mouse and keyboard, so don't expect anyone using a controller to be able to execute it in-game.

MW3 players slam movement glitch & want it fixed quickly

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The reception to this glitch has been mixed, with some of the community laughing at how bizarre the mechanic looks, while others demand Sledgehammer fix it immediately.

For some, this is just a reminder that CoD has gone in the wrong direction and embracing advanced movement was a poor decision.

"When are we going to learn that advanced movement in this game always comes with an exploit of some kind, like seriously what happened to just boots on the ground," said one user, with another arguing, "You mean glitch, this is not a mechanic at least not an intended one."

This is not an exploit Sledgehammer can ignore and considering how absurd it looks in-game, the devs will want to iron this out as quickly as possible. The question is, will a big portion of the playerbase abuse the mechanic in the meantime?

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