Does MW3 have slide cancelling?

Does MW3 have slide cancelling?
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André González Rodríguez


2nd Nov 2023 17:28

If you're a fan of slide cancelling in Call of Duty, then you will likely be excited about the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 3.

The Call of Duty: MW3 trailer has officially released, shedding light on the next instalment of the Call of Duty franchise. As is customary with any new Call of Duty title, information about the game has begun to surface a little earlier than Activision might like.

So far, Call of Duty fans have received details on Call of Duty: MW3’s villain, Makarov, as well as the highly-awaited return of Verdansk to Warzone. However, there’s another tidbit that has players extremely excited - the possible return of slide cancelling in MW3.

Is Slide Cancelling in MW3?

Slide Cancelling is in Modern Warfare 3, though it's a little different than in previous games in the series.

As shown off by the Warzone content creator, “FaZe Swagg,” content creators received a pair of slides, a can, and a cell phone. Alongside the seemingly misunderstood items came a bloodstained letter, detailing “I was barely able to get this out of the prison. No time to explain, use these items to prepare for what’s to come.” 

Upon switching on the cell phone, a text popped up stating, “You’ll be expected to move quickly on Al Mazrah”. Once the items and the message were put together, only one thing could come out: Slide-Can-Cell. 

Slide cancelling made its debut in Modern Warfare of 2019 and the original Warzone. Although it was a fan favourite, Activision removed it with the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. But now, thanks to the rather odd selection of items and the message, players should be able to start slide cancelling once again. 

What is Slide Cancelling in Call of Duty?

Captain Price in Call of Duty
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Slide cancelling is when players retain previously gained momentum and speed right after crouching, allowing them to continuously sprint after performing the technique, making them harder to hit. 

In order to perform a slice cancel, players will need to initiate a slide by sprinting and quickly crouching twice. In the middle of the slide animation, players can jump before the animation starts to eventually slow down their momentum. In turn, this will cancel the action but will still keep the players’ momentum and speed. 

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