Borderlands Studio Reportedly Working On 'New Franchise'

Borderlands Studio Reportedly Working On 'New Franchise'

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Tom Chapman


20th May 2021 11:38

It looks like Pandora is just the start, as the studio behind the Borderlands series is apparently working in a brand-new IP. Founded in 1999, Gearbox Software has had some impressive titles under its belt over the years. As well as the runaway success of the Borderlands games (with a live-action movie on the way), there's the beloved Half-LifeBrothers in Arms, and Duke Nukem

Gearbox hasn't always had it easy, and those close to the studio will remember the debacle surrounding Aliens: Colonial Marines - when two plaintiffs sued the company and SEGA. Thankfully, the ongoing success of Borderlands has made it a studio on the rise that has plenty of projects in the works. Given that Gearbox largely has an untarnished record for delivering imaginative games, we can't wait to see what this new franchise brings to the table.


What is the new franchise from the Borderlands studio?

Parent company Take-Two Interactive has explained its colossal roadmap that includes no less than 62 releases through to its 2024 fiscal year. Keen to keep us guessing, Take-Two dropped the bombshell that Gearbox is working on something to add to its already impressive catalogue. Out of the 62 mystery adventures, 21 games are coming this fiscal year. Despite Gearbox being acquired by Embracer Group for $1.4 billion in February, the developer's relationship with 2K remains unchanged. 

Explaining what's on the way, Take-Two President Karl Slatoff confirmed (via VGC), "2K will also introduce two releases from new franchises this year, including one from Gearbox" - referring specifically to the company's fiscal year which ends on March 31, 2022.  Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick promised four "immersive core" games, with two from "proven" franchises and two coming from brand-new ones. Considering 2K has the keys to everything from Grand Theft Auto to Red Dead RedemptionBioShock to Borderlands, we're suitably psyched for what's on the way. 


What else do we know about the new franchise from the Borderlands studio?

This development might seem to have come from nowhere, but in reality, it comes just weeks after Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford teased something was in the works. Many thought Pitchford confirmed Borderlands 4 when he said they were working on the "big one" and that Gearbox wouldn't co-develop with other studios on the Borderlands name. Following the latest news, Pitchford once again became the master of the long con and posted online saying the team has put "years of work" into this tantalising title.

During the earnings call, 2K referred to Borderlands 3 as its "fastest-selling" title, which is a legacy in its own right. Although some might be disappointed this isn't quite another Borderlands game, there's a chance Gearbox is also planning a return to Pandora or could launch this new IP as something adjacent to the vault-hunting capers of Lilith and co.

In terms of when we'll know more, 2K is set to take part in Geoff Keighley's big Summer Game Fest on June 10, which could be a great time to announce the project. If not, let's also remember the all-star showcase of E3 starts just days after on June 12.


Images via Take-Two Interactive

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