Nadeshot Furious With Warzone Devs After Being Shadowbanned

Nadeshot Furious With Warzone Devs After Being Shadowbanned
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Jack Marsh


5th Jan 2023 10:45

There are accusations that Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag might not be as gifted as he used to be on the sticks, at least not on Warzone - where accuracy is prominent against the calibre of players he usually dominates over.

Despite being a former X Games champion, proving his worth on LAN with over five different notable championships, Nadeshot's legacy seemingly hasn't made it into the Warzone community, who appear to have been reporting him for cheating.

The esteemed ex-professional has now been shadowbanned on Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 by Activision, and he's fuming.

Nadeshot receives Shadowban On Warzone 2

Following a gaming session with fellow ex-pro duo Bryan "Apathy" Zhelyazkov, Josiah "Slacked" Berry, and content creator Mason "Symfuhny" Lanie, Nadeshot and his entire team were all disconnected and subsequently shadowbanned from Warzone 2.

The 100 Thieves owner was met with a message on his account saying that it had been put under review, limiting matchmaking and party options while also being indefinite.

Shadowbans have recently become more frequent on Warzone 2. It's thanks to a glitch occurring after getting 10 kills, which coincides with Nadeshot being booted and banned just a minute after obtaining his tenth elimination in the game. 

Nadeshot Furious With Warzone Shadowban

"For what?" quizzed Nadeshot, after reading the ban notification. "For what reason could I possibly be banned? From getting knocked and dying eight times in a game? From getting $32,000 spent on me for revives?"

A clearly enraged Nadeshot continued, "How in the world can it be possible for me, a 30-year-old man that can't even shoot straight anymore, to get shadowbanned? Meanwhile, people are booting up cronus' that are literally cheating!"

He later questioned why this ban-review process is necessary if the Ricochet is meant to work, meaning cheating shouldn't be possible.

Nadeshot's ban has now been overturned, but it's apparently only because of his ties to the developers. If it was just some regular player questioning what's going on, we ask whether it would've been the same process for a non-Nade person in the same boat.

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