Nadeshot Explains Six Changes That Can Fix Warzone 2

Nadeshot Explains Six Changes That Can Fix Warzone 2
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Jack Marsh


16th Jan 2023 17:28

The sequel to Call of Duty's battle royale experience was highly anticipated. The developers made several promises to right the wrongs of the original title, as players and fans bought into their words.

But since, Warzone 2 has fallen short of expectations. Nobody wanted a complete reskin of the game, but the sequel changed many fundamental features for the worse instead of the better.

Now, the player count and viewership rates for Warzone 2 are through the floor, and players such as Call of Duty mogul Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag have called on the developers to make much-needed changes.

Warzone 2 Player Count Has Plummeted

Multiple Call of Duty insiders are claiming that - following the initial hype around Warzone 2 which made Modern Warfare 2 a best-seller - the player retention rates have been less than aspired, as gamers have been flocking back to other games.

According to in-the-know account Modern Warzone and content creator turned analyst James "JGOD" Godoy, the numbers for Warzone 2 have been drastically lower than expected.

Players have seemingly become bored of the game rather quickly, and with no post-launch content coming to the game yet, Nadeshot has now taken to social media to outline six ways Warzone 2 needs to change. 

Nadeshot Demands Warzone 2 Devs Add For Six Must-Needed Features 

With the player count dropping significantly, Nadeshot has now claimed that six things could change the way Warzone 2 plays - and succeeds.

The long-time Call of Duty advocate and ex-professional player took to Twitter to explain that "relatively straightforward and easy to change" features such as "reload cancelling," "the ability to plate while sprinting," ranked play and comprehensive stats", and more would fix Warzone 2.

These changes have also been echoed by the players, although others noticed that while most features are easy to fix, his claim to "rework the looting system" is one that simply won't come into play. 

Infinity Ward has already put its foot down against features such as plating while sprinting, but if the community continues to be so vocal, it might just cause a U-turn.

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