MW3 will introduce new 'Covert Sneakers' silent movement perk

MW3 will introduce new 'Covert Sneakers' silent movement perk
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17th Aug 2023 17:46

Now the details around Modern Warfare 3 have been released to the CoD community, the excitement is at an all-time high for November 10.

While there's a huge focus on the MW2 (2009) maps coming back in a fully remastered form, another addition that's getting a lot of attention is the new perk coming with MW3.

Perks may not be as flashy as a new weapon, but they can completely change your setup and even take a loadout to the next level.

Well, by the sounds of it, the new 'Covert Sneakers' perk that offers access to silent movement in MW3 has the potential to be meta-defining.

New 'Covert Sneakers' perk coming in MW3

MW3 perk
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Modern Warfare 3 will be introducing a new perk to Gunsmith in the form of "Covert Sneakers." 

As the name suggests, this new addition will give players access to "silent movement," but the details surrounding the new perk are limited at the moment.

The devs have also made it clear that all perks will be available at the start of a match in MW3, which is an overarching change for the new title.

Hopefully, Activision shares more information on "Covert Sneakers" in the near future as currently, there are a lot of players who are concerned it's going to be OP.

Will 'Covert Sneakers' be OP in MW3?

Price MW3
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Whenever someone mentions the silent movement, the first thing that comes to mind for any Call of Duty player is the Dead Silent Field upgrade that caused havoc for such a long time.

So, it's unlikely that Sledgehammer has implemented a perk that just offers a player completely silent footsteps for an entire match.

There are likely going to be drawbacks or parameters that prevent the perk from being too OP, but we'll just have to wait and see for more details.

Either way, the prospect of the "Covert Sneakers" perk is exciting, but it also has the potential to cause a lot of frustration in multiplayer, so let's hope the devs get the balancing correct.

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