Modern Warfare 3 Zombies will be linked to Black Ops

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies will be linked to Black Ops
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17th Aug 2023 17:25

For the first time in Call of Duty history, the Modern Warfare series is getting Zombies. Having always been a Treyarch product, the Zombies game mode has been exclusive to Black Ops and has only ever been dabbled with by other developers when it appeared in Infinite Warfare (which flopped) and Warzone.

Now, it has been confirmed that Treyarch is adding a version of its own Zombies into Modern Warfare 3, lending it to Sledgehammer before they go "all-in" on CoD 2024.

MW3 Outbreak will be canon in Black Ops Zombies story

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In previous, non-Black Ops, iterations of Zombies like the aforementioned IW and Warzone versions, these modes were not considered to be canon in the series. Instead, they served as a standalone experience.

As CoD 2023 hyped up the "largest Zombies offering to date", it seems like Outbreak will tie into that of its predecessor and be a part of the same universe that the Black Ops characters are in.

With this in mind, we're also gearing up for the return of some rather iconic characters too, such as Samantha Maxis.

Could Warzone's Zombies join in with the canon too?


All of this news comes in the wake of Outbreak being added, but that's not the only undead experience that has been teased for Call of Duty in the coming months.

Another Haunting of Warzone LTM has been leaked in recent weeks, which is likely to contain some form of radioactive undead fiends again. Given that Warzone seems to be becoming more canon - as MW3's campaign heads to Verdansk - maybe this could also tie into the overarching aether story too.

Although both modes, Outbreak and possibly Warzone, won't be your usual round-based experience, at least you'll know that Treyarch won't be messing around with its reputation.

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