MW3 fans find infuriating 'invisible walls' on multiple maps

MW3 fans find infuriating 'invisible walls' on multiple maps
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Alex Garton

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20th Nov 2023 14:45

Despite some of the game's flaws, Modern Warfare 3's remastered MW2 (2009) maps have been the star of the show for Sledgehammer, with the community celebrating how fun they are to traverse in multiplayer.

These enhanced versions of the OG locations are not perfect, with certain areas causing massive issues for players. One of the most obvious problems is the "invisible walls" that are being found and causing throwables to be blocked from hitting their target.

In some cases, they're even causing competitors to eliminate themselves, which results in a huge amount of frustration.

MW3 players slam 'invisible walls' causing deaths in multiplayer


Taking to the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, user Different_Return5366 has finally found proof that "invisible barriers" exist on MW3 maps.

During a Search and Destroy match on Favela, they opted to take the long sightline on the south side of the map. Pulling out a grenade, they attempted to throw it over the top of the steel roof onto the road below.

However, instead of travelling over the top, the throwable bounced off thin air back towards Different_Return5366 and resulted in their death.

This unfair elimination caused by an invisible wall led to Different_Return5366 rage-quitting the game instantly out of pure frustration.

Other MW3 fans claim this has been 'happening since MWII'

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Based on the response in the thread, this isn't an isolated issue with MW3 players claiming their throwables have been blocked on multiple different maps.

"I thought I couldn’t see or was going crazy I've died to the same invisible barrier bulls**t 4 times, grenades bouncing off 100% pure pixelated oxygen," said one user, with another arguing, "I thought I was going crazy, this has been happening to me since MWII."

With so many reports from the community, the terrain on the MW2 (2009) maps is definitely something Sledgehammer will need to investigate. Invisible wall deaths are always the most annoying in Call of Duty, as they feel completely unfair, especially in one-life per round games like Search and Destroy.

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