MW3 fans divided after infamous invisible Groot skin returns

MW3 fans divided after infamous invisible Groot skin returns
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Alex Garton


18th Jan 2024 11:50

Invisible cosmetics aren't a new phenomenon in Call of Duty, with the OP Roze skin being a culprit back in the OG Warzone and the days of Verdansk.

You'd think the devs would've learned their lesson by now about pay-to-win cosmetics, but the Gaia skin has proved otherwise in MW3.

Also known as Groot, this tree-root-themed Operator was almost completely transparent on certain maps, which made tracking an enemy's movement impossible.

It got so bad, Sledgehammer Games had to disable the skin temporarily, but now that it's finally back, the community has mixed opinions.

MW3 fans see "no change" with the re-added Groot skin


Season 1 Reloaded is a huge update with tonnes of content, but as expected, the return of Groot is stealing players' attention.

After adjustments to its visibility, the devs have re-added Gaia back to Warzone and MW3, but fans see "no change" to the design.

"Why take the skin out of the game to then just put it back in when we all know how broken it is? These devs really don’t know what they’re doing," said one user, with another arguing, "I see zero difference."

For a lot of competitors, the devs needed to make the cosmetic significantly easier to see, with some even joking it should've been covered in Christmas lights. However, it's possible the designers held back on making too many big changes because they were concerned about the backlash from those who paid for Gaia.

Other MW3 players are over the moon Gaia is "finally" back

Groot skin MW3
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Not everyone is angry though, as certain MW3 players have been counting down the days for Groot to "finally" make a comeback and argue some CoD fans are being too sensitive.

"I can hear all the crybabies saying get this skin out of here again," said one user, with another claiming "Here come the crybabies whining about a skin."

Only time will tell whether the visibility changes to Gaia have been enough to make it less OP. Either way, Groot is back, so it may be time to start skipping Wasteland in multiplayer.

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