MW2 Player Left Terrified After Actual Ghosts Appear In-Game

MW2 Player Left Terrified After Actual Ghosts Appear In-Game
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


16th Jan 2023 14:04

With 115 Day all wrapped up in the CoDverse, it's quite a good thing that the Infinity Ward side of the franchise doesn't celebrate, as it appears that Ghost is afraid of ghosts, and Modern Warfare 2 is dancing too close to the devil.

The sub-franchise made by IW often strays away from the paranormal, engaging with the undead is very much a Treyarch skillset, who often ouija board the whole Black Ops storyline.

However, Modern Warfare 2 fans are now jumping out of their skin as actual ghosts are turning up in-game.

Ghosts Are Haunting Modern Warfare 2

One Reddit fan has found that ghosts are popping up in the multiplayer map called Taraq, causing the actual Ghost to jump out of his mask.

The user "Neon_Moons" showcased a clip where two arms and a head appeared to be dangling from a balcony in one of the buildings, making him quake in his boots before turning around to check what it was.

To the user's surprise, when he entered the room and checked where the dangling limbs were, the balcony appeared completely empty...

Modern Warfare 2's Taraq Map Is Haunted

The map Taraq might look rather duplicitous to the eye, and that's because old-school fans will realise it's actually a remaster of the Neuville map from the first-ever Call of Duty game.

Now, with this Iraq-based reskin to the previously German design, these ghosts may just be the fallen soldiers of CoD: 1, reappearing 20 years after the game was first released.

With Castle being added soon in the Japanese-themed Season 2, it's at all possible that this is more than a visual glitch and the heavily paranormal culture could be bringing their ghosts with them.

After all, Marouka Castle, Himeji Castle, and Hachiōji Castle are all believed to be haunted Japanese buildings. Or... it could have been a glitch.

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