Zombies Fans Share Favourite Memories To Celebrate 115 Day

Zombies Fans Share Favourite Memories To Celebrate 115 Day
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Jack Marsh


16th Jan 2023 12:55

The Call of Duty Zombies experience has impacted millions of players worldwide, whether it be sitting playing local split screen with your siblings way back when or enjoying the hard-core Easter Eggs that Treyarch has left behind.

Zombies wouldn't exist without the ethereal and franchise-made Element 115, which features at the heart of each and every map and the creation of the zombies themselves.

So, in celebration of January 15, also known in the CoDverse as 115 Day (1/15 as per American dates), fans are now reading off the Zombies highlight reels from years gone by. 

Zombies Fans Reflect On Best Moments

After being probed to share their favourite clips and adventures in the Maxis storylines, fans reminisced on some iconic franchise moments.

One old-school Zombies fanatic kicked things off with a reflective look at reaching Round 100 on Nacht Der Untoten. Although, by the pile of mangled flesh and bones in the same collective space, it might be safe to assume this was done via the old unkillable spot glitch.

On the flip side of the chronological order, others took great pride in showcasing their obliteration of the most recent boss villain in the timeline: Legion, who operates within Outbreak and takes one mighty effort to overcome.

Other moments in between, such as the rotating spiked gate in Shi No Numa, pulling out the Wunderwaffe in Der Reise, blowing up the moon in Die Eisendrache (and blowing up Earth on the map Moon).

We also had falling off the bus in Tranzit, figuring out that the Hounds are actually Samantha's pet dog Fluffy, and flying off the roof of Alcatraz - all receiving honourable mentions from fans.

CoD Fans Show Off Self-Made Zombies Art

After many other people also pointed out Treyarch's own form of art within their game, Easter Eggs (such as the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang one which took four years to uncover), they also began sharing their own fan-made Zombies art and designs.

Fan art was joined by lego designs, edited montages, and even the re-playing of some of the series' most thrilling music.

It wouldn't be 115 Day without looking at the future too. The Element hasn't reared its ugly head for the last time, and after being a constant within the Black Ops franchise, the developers are already planning Outbreak and another huge adventure in 2024.

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