Players have been getting to grips with the Xbox Series X after Microsoft gave a preview of over 200 games.

15:24, 05 Oct 2020

It's the dawn of a new era as Microsoft prepares to unveil its Xbox Series. Following in the footsteps of the acclaimed Xbox One line, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are ready to play with the big boys and give the PlayStation 5 a run for its money. Although there have been complaints Sony has the market cornered in terms of platform-exclusive games, let's not forget there's also a huge adoration for the Xbox.

After so many years of Microsoft and Sony going head-to-head, chances are you're either an Xbox or PlayStation fan by now. With just over a month until the two goliaths lock horns with their next-gen consoles, Microsoft has tried to get the jump on the competition and (briefly) released over 200 games for those lucky sods who've managed to get their hands on and Xbox Series X already.


Content creators, journalists, and other influencers have been given access to the Xbox Series X already to give their first hands-on impressions of what's going on under the hood. As part of this, Microsoft has started to reveal its impressive catalogue of games and unlocked over 200 games on the weekend October 3-4. Among those blessed few to get an exclusive look was The Verge's Tom Warren. 

One of the games Warren has already got to grips with is Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment's fan-favourite shooter is sure to have a reignited fanbase when it makes the jump to next-gen. Although Warren stopped short of showing himself immersed in an actual match, there was a glimmer of the game's loading screen and a brief shot of Bloodhound.



Warren has been Tweeting about his first impressions, and also showed off a variety of the console's unique features. In particular, Warren dabbled with Halo 3 and Forza Motorsport 7 alongside Apex. As part of this, he Tweeted a first look at Apex and the Xbox Series X's Quick Resume. Basically, it gives gamers the ability to jump between different titles and pick up exactly where they left off. It's a bit like how Apple will let you have multiple apps open at the same time.

Sadly, Warren gave something of a blink-and-you'll-miss-it look at Apex. Because it was taken on a mobile, it was hard to make much of anything out. Still, at least Microsoft is rolling out the green carpet ahead of the console's full release.


Microsoft has been more than generous with sharing the Xbox Series X far and wide, while Sony has taken a more conservative approach by only giving its next-gen offering to a select few - including Travis Scott. With more and more people getting their hands on the Xbox Series X and its games, expect to see more footage that's hopefully a little longer than Warren's.



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Images via Microsoft | Respawn Entertainment | 343 Industries

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