Massive GTA Online Update Brings Us Closer To GTA 6

Massive GTA Online Update Brings Us Closer To GTA 6
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Tarran Stockton


12th Dec 2022 12:17

If after nine years of Grand Theft Auto Online you're still not finished with Los Santos, you've got another expansion to look forward to... very soon.

Rockstar Games has announced its latest content update, and there's a two-part expansion that will hopefully tide us over until the eventual release of GTA 6. It sounds like the world of GTA is only going to get bigger.

What Is The GTA Online Update?

Rockstar Games revealed that the newest content update for GTA Online is called Lost Santos Drug Wars, and is set to launch on December 13- which is tomorrow at the time of writing.

This update is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The fact it's described as "an expansive new two-part story update," suggesting there's still more to come in the near future.

"Head straight to Blaine County and join up with old pal Nervous Ron and a new band of out-of-state misfits on a mission to put their stamp on the Los Santos psychedelics trade", the blog post begins.

"Fight off an unlikely coalition of wealthy hippies and trigger-happy bikers while cooking up potent hallucinogenics - in elaborate labs or out of your own massive rolling chemistry set - in the opening chapter of an expansive new two-part story update for GTA Online." 

The update features a slew of new vehicles, missions, upgrades, and business enterprises to control, along with "significant story and gameplay updates."

There's no exact details on what these are, and also when the second part of this content update is expected to land, but hopefully, it's enough to tide players over until the much-anticipated GTA 6 lands.  

What's The Current Status On GTA 6?

What's The Current Status On GTA 6?
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Since the huge leak regarding GTA 6 earlier in the year, we've not heard too much about what's potentially the most anticipated video game of all time.

The sales of GTA 5 do finally seem to be slowing down though after nearly ten years, suggesting the time for the next game is finally coming. 

This is further evidenced by recently leaked documents from Microsoft that points toward GTA 6 seeing its long-awaited release in 2024. With this year seeing so much more news on the title, it finally seems we're in the endgame of waiting. Bring on GTA Online 2 for GTA 6.

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