Lost Ark Roar Emote: Where To Purchase Emote

Lost Ark Roar Emote: Where To Purchase Emote
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24th Feb 2022 18:14

The Lost Ark Roar emote can be one of the harder emotes to acquire in the game, as it requires you to collect a rare coin resource first.

Like many MMOs, Lost Ark has a litany of different emotes that players can use, and while they don't provide any benefits, there's nothing quite like an emote battle with random players. If you want to know the exact method for earning the elusive Lost Ark Roar emote, read on. 

Lost Ark Roar Emote: Where Can The Roar Emote Be Purchased?

Lost Ark Roar Emote where to find purchase
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The Roar emote can only be purchased from Blackfang, a character found on Freedom Isle. This is a small island just west of the continent of Anikka in the Singing Sea, however, it's located in Tempest hazardous waters, so it can be potentially dangerous to reach. 


To buy the emote, players will need 3360 Gienah's Coins, which is one of the rarer coins that can be found from exploring the ocean and islands. Many players are struggling with finding the necessary amount of these coins, while others have traded them for Lost Ark Pirate Coins, as their value isn't immediately obvious. So what are some ways to earn these coins?

Lost Ark Roar Emote: How To Earn More Gienah's Coins

Lost Ark Roar emote
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There are a couple of methods that can earn you the required funds to purchase the Lost Ark Roar emote, however you will likely spend a few days gathering the coin. Firstly, players can take part in the Procyon's Compass daily events, which consists of a Chaos Gate, Adventure Island, Lost Ark Ghost Ship, and Field Boss. You can track when these appear with the compass underneath the mini-map. After doing these events, you have the possibility of earning a High Seas Coin Chest, which allows you to earn 100 of any epic rarity coin - such as Gienah's Coin.

There are also several islands that will reward you with guaranteed High Seas Coin Chests for finishing quests there. Below we have listed the island name, and the number of chests you can earn there. These are:

  • Alteisen - x3
  • Atropos - x10
  • Blackfang's Den - x10
  • Freedom Isle - x15
  • Gesbroy - x15
  • Golden Wave Island - x7
  • Hope Island - x12
  • Island of Mist - x7
  • Isle of Yearning - x15
  • Kalthertz - x7
  • Lost City - x15
  • Lullaby Island - x12
  • Opher, the Lonely Island - x2
  • Orvis Island - x3
  • Peyto - x5
  • Revelry Row - x5
  • Runaways Island - x5
  • Tooki Corporation - x16
  • Turtle Island - x7

Based on the price of the Roar emote, players will need at least 34 High Seas Coin Chests to be able to purchase it. Once you have bought it from Blackfang, you will be allowed to use your new emote freely.

That's all for our primer on earning the Lost Ark Roar emote, and now you know where to purchase it, and what kind of currency will you need. 


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