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13:40, 28 Oct 2020

Welcome to the GGRecon Coverage Hub for the League of Legends Worlds Championship. Here you will find all you need to know about the action happening at the biggest esports tournament of the world has ever known. Considering we will be continuously updating the Hub, it's a great idea to bookmark it and check it regularly if you want to stay up to date on all the schedules, standings, results, memes, interviews, and more!

What's the League of Legends World Championship?

The League of Legends World Championship is set for five weeks of epic action, showcasing the best teams from all around the world. In total, 22 teams from eleven regions will be facing each other for a prize pool of likely at least $5,000,000 (~£4,000,000). It's considered the biggest esports tournament in the world with tens of millions tuning in each year. Last year's Worlds peaked at 44 million concurrent viewers during the finals!

The tournament is divided into two stages, the Play-Ins and the Main Event. During the Play-ins, lower seeds from the big regions as well as winners of smaller regions will face each other for a last chance to qualify for the main event.

Are you new to League of Legends and the World Championship? No worries, while the game can be complicated to follow, the storylines developing are intuitive and GGRecon will lead you through the action, giving you all the information on the biggest upsets, best plays and the rich community content surrounding this amazing esport.

The developer of League of Legends, Riot Games, did a great job giving an elevator explanation to the Worlds action. Check it out below.

The schedule

The Play-Ins start on Friday, September 25 at 9am BST / 10 am CEST / 4am EST / 1am PST with European esports organisation Mad Lions facing off against the Brazillian team INTZ. Over the entire weekend. and until Wednesday, September 30. the Play-Ins will find four teams to make it to the Main Event. 

The Main Event kicks off on October 3 in a group stage format from which only eight teams (the top two teams of each group) will make it to the knockout stage.

The knockout stages start in the quarterfinals on October 15, with the semi-finals beginning on October 24 and 25 respectively.

The event will conclude in the Grand Finals on October 31, with the winner of the finals becoming the League of Legends World Champion 2020.

Through their performances in their respective domestic teams, champions and runner-ups were able to grab a seed directly into the Worlds Group Stage. Once the Play-Ins have concluded, four teams will be seeded into these already drawn groups. Afterwards, the teams will play out their groups in a double round-robin best of one format. Only the top two teams from each group will emerge and proceed into the knockout stage. The first three teams for each group were already drawn in advance. 

The Groups

Group A
G2 Esports (EU)
Machi Esports (PCS)
Suning (CN)

Group B
Rogue (EU)
DAMWON Gaming (KR)
JD Gaming (CN)

Group C
Fnatic (EU)
Gen.G (KR)
Team SoloMid (NA)

Group D
Top Esports (CN)
FlyQuest (EU)

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Play-Ins - September 25 - 30


Groups - October 3 - 11

GGReconLoLWorlds2020PlayoffsQuarter Finalsjpg

Quarter-Finals - October 15 - 18

GGReconLoLWorlds2020PlayoffsSemi Finalsjpg

Semi-Finals - October 24 - 25


Finals - October 31

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