All the action from the quarterfinals of LoL Worlds 2020.

11:57, 16 Oct 2020

The League of Legends World Championship kicked off with the Play-in stage of the tournament on Friday, September 25, and after a thrilling play-ins stage, the Groups began on October 3, and seeded the teams going through to the Playoffs (Quarterfinals and Semi-Finals).

The best League teams from all around the world will be facing off against each other for the prestigious World Championship, immortalising themselves in League of Legends history.

With a scaling prize pool depending on the number of championship skins being bought (of which 25% go directly towards the teams), the overall amount will likely surpass $5,000,000 (~£4,000,000). In total 22 teams from eleven regions will be competing at the World Championship.

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Check out the everything you need from the Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals below, including all the info on schedules, teams, game recaps, and more! The Quarterfinals are a Best-Of-Five format.

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11am BST / 6am EST - DAMWON GAMING vs DRX (Best of 5)


11am BST / 6am EST - Suning vs JD Gaming (Best of 5)


11am BST / 6am EST - Top Esports vs Fnatic (Best of 5)


11am BST / 6am EST - Gen.G vs G2 Esports (Best of 5)

DAMWON GAMING vs DRX (Best of 5) (REWATCH RECOMMENDATION: 2.5/5 - DWG 3-0 DRX once again, some things never change)

Game 1

A whole lotta nothing happened in the first game of Quarterfinals as DRX allowed themselves to slowly lose. The game began with Damwon Gaming’s bot lane going all in onto Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu, this allowed for Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu to snatch away Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon’s blue buff as well as double scuttle him. This left Pyosik walking around in circles as his mid lane was getting shoved in by a Syndra, his bot lane lost a very early trade and he had no reason to visit top. 

Much didn’t happen for the first 30 or so minutes of the game besides four kills in total between the two teams a handful of towers. Although not a dominant game from DWG, it was controlled.  DWG had the better macro — they got to the objectives first, they placed down their vision and cleared out DRX’s, they also got all of the dragons except one. It all finally broke on an Elder dragon fight where Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon went for a last-ditch effort of getting a Shockwave on two targets but failed. This allowed for DWG to set up better positioning, having Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon go in with a Kennen ultimate — winning them the fight and getting them both Elder and Baron.

Past that point, DWG were able to close out the game normally as they had Infernal soul, Elder and Baron.

Game 2

A heartbreak of a game for DRX as they started it off well, having a completely opposite performance from the previous one. It all starts with the First Blood that Chovy netted himself after teleporting behind Nuguri in the top lane. DRX were looking poised to take a slowly controlled game until a fight by Pyosik’s red buff breaks out. Canyon was trying to steal his red buff and both teams collapsed — ending in a five for one in favour of DRX. This catapulted DRX in the lead, a welcomed sight.

Then a fight in the mid lane at the 27-minute mark broke out where DRX were trying to get a pick onto Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee, DWG were on track to lose the fight with that but they managed to turn it around. This superb team fight got DWG four kills and a Baron. Nuguri made the heads up play of going to dragon, as Pyosik was soloing it. Nuguri was able to force Pyosik out, later killing him with some help — DWG end up with that dragon.

A final fight in the mid lane after DWG forced some cooldowns from Chovy and Pyosik led to picks on those very same players, allowing them to run it down mid and end the game.

Game 3

A constantly scattered game without any sense of stability by DRX as they were overeager and DWG happily welcomed it, punishing everything DRX did. A back-and-forth start to the early game in which both teams traded kills until the 18-minute mark a skirmish in the river broke out. Pyosik and Keria wanted to invade DWG’s blue — they were properly punished. Once this happened, all bets were off, DWG was cross-map killing DRX everywhere they stood. 

Chovy’s Vel’Koz pick was doing well for himself but this was the absolute worst possible game for the champion, as it was a hectic game all across the map. DRX were just constantly looking for plays when it wasn’t needed, leading to final supposed fight of the game. Ranging from the top to the bottom side of DRX’s jungle, DWG wipe the floor with them, getting an ace and finishing the game.

Suning vs JD Gaming (Best of 5) (REWATCH RECOMMENDATION: 4.5/5 - Sunfeng Shall Not Be Stopped)

Game 1

Suning and JDG haven't met since the summer regular season in the LPL, over eight patches ago. With both teams not playing each other in such a long time, this match up was set to be full of surprises, and Suning will be looking for revenge after JDG came out at 2-0 victors last time. 

JDG started in fine fashion, pushing through the enemies jungle and picking up multiple lane advantages. Kanavi looked to build an early lead and stay one step ahead of SofM in the battle of the junglers. Upon the spawn of the first Rift Herald, JDG was able to pick out Bin lurking in the plants and initiated the first team fights. Here, Kanavi was able to open the kills on SofM before the curtain call was able to send Bin to the dumpster and take a 2-1 lead. JDG then secured both the Rift Herald and Mountain Dragon and notch up a 1,000 gold lead.

Suning quickly answered back through Angel, after a wasted Rift Herald from Kanavi, and haunfeng was able to catch LvMao in the bottom lane to all but square up the tie. Already, this game is more action-packed than the LPL match up yesterday. 

The game halted in speed until the second dragon became available. With Suning needing the ocean soul, both teams locked horns in front of the pit. With LvMao caught inside the pit, health was minimal for JDG and Suning ripped through the likes of Kanavi, picking up two kills and picked up the soul. The third-seeded team then surged towards the Baron, where JDG answered back with the curtain call. LokeN was able to return with a huge amount of damage, but with only one kill, Suning was able to come out on top, taking down two further JDG attackers. With the Baron unscathed, another fight was soon looming.

Suning fell apart here. With the two teams heading back to the dragon and Baron, LvMao took things into his own hands. His ultimate caused havoc which allowed Yagao to pick up kills and despite the Suning lead, their team fight was uncoordinated and they were sent back to the fountain scratching their heads. JDG was able to push through the top lane and take an inhibitor whilst Suning gained another dragon soul. This tie was a see-saw, and five-man stacks on either side had it evenly poised.

JDG's Kanavi snatched the Ocean soul from under Suning's nose with a four-man stun, and although Suning managed to draw first blood, LokeN and Zoom halted the attack and used the power of the soul buff to switch the attack on its head. Reinforcements came through to ace Suning and allow JDG to push through the fountain and destroy the nexus. 1-0 to JDG. Holy moly, we could be in for one hell of day.

Game 2

With the sides switching champions, the tempo wasn't to falter in the second game. It's like watching ten bulls in a china shop, with blows going to both sides. With less than five minutes on the clock, it was LvMao who got too excited and a ganging Angel picked up the first blood. Before retreating though, JDG capitalised on many solo pushes, as Bin came to save Angel, SwordArt coming to help Bin, and SofM coming back to help SwordArt. One by one, JDG sent Suning packing, with Kanavi picking up a double kill. An electric start.

After trading kills, the game exerted into life again. SwordArt was bodyslammed by LvMao which saw Suning react furiously. Ganks from Bin, SofM, and huanfeng at each angle, Suning was able to sweep up the entire JDG team and take the lead. After 19 minutes, there had been 19 kills. Who can argue against League of Legends being one of the best esports in the world with games like this?

Suning didn't stop here. In the next engagement, a three-man gank saw Suning get four kills and a dragon in the process. Huanfeng began to enjoy himself, and after picking up a kill he was able to sneak into the JDG fountain and open his curtain call on the retreating enemies. A spectacular flank settled the tie, as Suning was simply too strong. 

With a whopping 26 kills, Suning equalised, and this game set the benchmark for League of Legends World Championships standard. Catch your breath folks, we've got more to come.

Game 3

Suning Bin will you chill out? Oh my lord. Sixty seconds into game three and Bin had already racked up two kills. If you thought this tie would slow down at some point, you were massively mistaken. Seatbelts were needed as this game was moving at breakneck speed.

With the early lead, Suning made this game into a jarring contest, focusing on plates and jungles to earn a solid gold lead. SwordArt was picked off twice, but Suning was able to initiate a team fight and used their lead to catch three eliminations. 

From here, JDG found themselves 8,000 gold down and turned to desperation. Zoom lost control and searched for another pick on SwordArt, but with four other players around the duel, he was sent packing.

Suning Gaming then made one of the biggest blunders of the World Championships so far. Following SwordArt through the wall, three members on Suning was caught between a rock and SofM. JDG utilised their team position to chase down the remnants of Suning's attack, and aced them, before picking up the baron. If it wasn't for the 8k lead, Suning would have been licking their wounds, as 3k was lost. JDG could see light in the dark tunnel they found themselves in. 

The dominance from Suning was too much though. They bode their time well and fended off attacks from JDG before being able to secure the baron. With the buff and a full arsenal of ultimate, Suning stormed the base of JDG and obliterated everything in sight, taking the lead in the game for the first time. 2-1 Suning, match point.

Game 4

With the match in Suning's grasp, it was JDG that started the strongest. This time, Bin was on the receiving end of the first blood, as he was caught under the tower after Zoom caused a lot of damage and Kanavi jumped in to finish him off. Kills were then traded at will, with SwordArt being caught out multiple times again, and LvMao being able to pick up a few bones himself, using Renekton, the Butcher of the Sands. 

JDG edged into a 6-4 kill lead after 15 minutes, with Yagao, Kanavi, and Zoom heavily contributing to the 4.2k gold lead. Ocean Rift was initiated again, such as in the first two games, and the stranglehold that JDG had would prove important as the souls became available. Come to the second dragon, up stepped huanfeng. The bot laner picked up a triple kill north of the pit, and Suning scraped themselves back into the game. The game was on a needlepoint and huanfeng swung the pendulum back in Suning's favour. 

The Ocean soul and huanfeng are like star-crossed lovers. The young man soars through summoners rift like Danaery's on Drogon. With the Dragon in its pit, his timing was impeccable. The second the buff turned into their favour, huanfeng picked up crucial kills and picked up all four of his teammates on his back. From 5,000 gold down, huanfeng revitalised Suning and with the game in the balance, they pushed straight from the inhibitors. With Yagao in the top lane channelling home and Kanavi dead, Suning swept through the base out of nowhere and smashed down the nexus to book a spot in the semifinals.

The LPL giants will take some stopping, as one of the most exciting teams in the tournament. 

Top Esports vs Fnatic (Best of 5) (REWATCH RECOMMENDATION: 4/5 - FNC had us in the first half, not gonna lie)

Game 1

Fnatic struck first taking game one of the series with a monster performance by their bottom lane — Martin “Rekkles” Larsson posted a 6/0/8 scoreline on the Senna. To start the game both junglers could consider themselves winning in the early game as Hung “Karsa” Hau-hsuan was getting the objectives for his team, the dragon and the Herald. While Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek was getting his Kindred marks as well as getting all-around pressure with his invades. Apart from the junglers, the early game was relatively calm with both teams trading kills back and forth. 

As a part of FNC’s bottom lane performance, they were straight-up out laning them in the two versus two — while also having help from ganks and Galio ultimates. It all finally broke out in a two for one team fight one for FNC as they hid in a brush, piling everything onto Liang “yuyanjia” Jia-Yuan. That allowed them to force him away due to his low health bars. Once this happened both teams collapsed but FNC were positioned better as the aggressors. 

Past this FNC were able to find fight after fight, immediately pulling the trigger any chance they got. At near the 20-minute mark, FNC catch TES with their pants down in the mid lane, Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau teleports behind TES, TES try to punish but he uses his stopwatch. This allowed FNC to docus down Bai “369” Jia-Hao and Karsa. This fight was random and for no objectives, FNC saw the opportunity and took it. 

The one fight that allowed them to leapfrog ahead was led by a mistake from JackeyLove after he Arcane Shifts forward on the Ezreal while both teams were posturing for a dragon fight. This allowed for FNC to immediately pounce on him — punishing his crucial mistake. This also allowed for a Baron take, getting multiple towers and all-around pressure in the game.

The game ended after a massive Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov flank which allowed him to get an engage onto JackeyLove as the rest of FNC were able to follow it up. This led to FNC going to Baron; not wanting to allow FNC to get away with it, TES go to contest. FNC immediately turn around, killing four members of TES and ending the game. 

Statement game one from FNC's bottom lane as they took over TES’ bottom lane. FNC constantly focused JackeyLove, and it paid dividends as it set the Ezreal behind.

Game 2

FNC continued the aggression from game one straight into game two. Game two started with FNC’s bottom lane once again focusing TES’ bottom lane — continuing where they left off. A lot of aggressiveness came out from them, forcing both of yuyanjia’s summoners. Later, FNC finally pull the trigger with a Selfmade gank, killing yuyanjia. But, with FNC’s bottom lane aggression in mind, TES adjusted and punished accordingly. The gank turns into a fully-fledged five versus five, having both teams exhausting all of their teleports — it ends in a three for one in favour of TES. 

Past this, FNC were relentless, constantly going in onto TES’ bot lane — mainly yuyanjia. They constantly punished yuyanjia leaving him with a record-breaking 0/5/0 scoreline 13 minutes in. 

At 22 minutes, Bwipo catches out 369 in the bot lane, knight comes in to help but FNC manage to turn it, with an Ashe arrow from Rekkles to secure it. Meanwhile, TES with a false sense of security, catch Hylissang in the bottom river but once again, FNC manage to turn it — FNC get a four for one and a Baron. FNC manage to somehow find a spread out fight that allowed them to jump ahead in the lead. 

Come 29 minutes in, as the dragon is spawning (FNC’s Infernal Soul point), TES initiated onto Tim "Nemesis" Lipovšek looking for a pick, but FNC turn it — killing Karsa and yuyanjia; getting themselves Infernal Soul. Later at nearly 30 minutes, FNC head towards Baron, they find knight trying to flank through the top lane and turn onto him. Karsa jumps in as the Jarvan to save his mid-laner but dies for it — FNC get Baron. At what was essentially the final fight of the game at Elder, TES throw abilities at FNC but FNC withstand it. FNC burst down the Elder and immediately jump onto TES, killing one of TES’ members. They later transition to TES’ base, and with some kills onto crucial members of the enemy team they were able to finish it.

Game 3

TES bounced back in game three, with early, mid and late game domination. Coming into this game, TES change their draft, giving JackeyLove in the bottom lane a better-equipped lane — allowing him to withstand and stem the bleeding cause from FNC’s aggression. To start the game, after Bwipo was ganked having to use his flash, 369 solo kills him for First Blood — this was the first time FNC didn’t get First Blood at this year’s Worlds. Later, continuing aggression onto JackeyLove and the bottom side of TES, Selfmade ganks but TES's bottom lane turn it into a one for one. Nemesis roamed bottom and followed it up, finishing off JackeyLove

After these set of plays, managed to take control of the game, as opposed to their previous two. They were finding the fights they wanted and had all-around more pressure on the map with the Karsa Lee Sin. TES had a four thousand gold lead at 14 minutes. At around 21 minutes TES started up Baron, while this was happening FNC responded with starting dragon for themselves. While TES had three members at Baron, 369 and knight go to contest FNC and get killed The three TES members doing Baron went in and made it a two for two. 

Fast-forward a bit into the game, TES are taking dragon for themselves, stopping FNC from getting Soul. In an attempt to steal, Selfmade flashed in on the Kha’Zix but was killed after TES secured it. Past this, it was all over for FNC, as it had seemingly had been all game. Hylissang and Bwipo tried to catch knight in the mid lane; FNC utilized a lot of ultimates for that. This allowed TES to push the mid lane with their Baron buff, get mid lane inhibitor and bot lane inhibitor — ending the game shortly after that

Game 4

TES force a game five after a heart attack of a game. A constant back-and-forth ruled the game for the first 15-20 minutes. FNC continued their aggression towards JackeLove and the bottom side of the map. Although the bottom lane aggression, First Blood happened in the mid lane after Selfmade ganked knight. Both junglers were high activity on each team, participating on most of the kills on each side. 

At the 18-minute mark, Rekkles and Hylissang try to catch out 369 in the top lane, 369 was too tanky on the Sion and it allowed the rest of TES to show up — this was a two for one and the first dragon for TES. FNC still had a lead 22 minutes in, being ahead in gold, kills, and towers. One minute later, a fight breaks out by dragon where FNC start it off. It seemed like a good engage for them as Bwipo had a strong Ornn horn — separating the fight into two. But, TES’ frontline was just too beefy, not allowing the rest of FNC to get to JackeyLove and the rest of the backline. TES had a strong team fight, with good front to back and immaculate kiting — TES kill three and get Baron. 

With Baron, TES decide to push it down the mid lane and FNC throw everything they can at catching JackeyLove with a Hylissang Sett engage and a Rekkles arrow but can’t finish it off. TES kill Bwipo and Hylissang and this allowed them to take the mid lane tier-two tower, later getting tier-three and the inhibitor. After a few more crucial kills, TES are finally able to end the game.

This was the most hectic game of the series so far, Karsa was crucial making sure he jumped onto Selfmade anytime he could in the team fights. Karsa went god-mode, he was terrorizing the map and matching Selfmade’s tempo — it was perfection. Selfmade was really ahead, Karsa matched that. 

Game 5

TES completed the first reverse sweep in Worlds playoffs history as they completely demolished FNC in the final game of the series. It all started with a Karsa gank onto Nemesis for First Blood — this would be a preview of what Karsa would bring in the rest of the game. A few minutes later though, Selfmade replied with a kill of his own onto 369 as he literally walks up and Flash Body Slams him due to him being low from Bwipo’s poke. Past this, seven minutes in, a bit of a waiting game happens in the mid lane. Karsa was waiting for a gank in the mid lane while FNC had Selfmade and Hylissang waiting as well Karsa kicks Nemesis and with the help of a yuyanjia roam on the Leona, they kill him.

At around the 14-minute mark, several cross-map kills happen. Karsa with knight stealing Nemesis’ Twisted Fate ultimate, kill Nemesis in the bottom lane. Bwipo solo kills 369 in the top lane and in the mid lane, Hylissang goes for a disjointed engage with Selfmade onto Jackeylove. JackeyLove sidestepped everything and the rest of TES were able to turn it around, killing two. A few minutes later, FNC catch TES’ bot duo in the mid lane and kill them, getting their first dragon and slowing down TES’ Soul.

Come 22 minutes in, TES manage to burst down the dragon, and as FNC is arriving late to the party, Karsa Flash kicks Bwipo into his team and they get a pick as well as killing Hylissang — getting themselves Baron. With their backs to the ropes, FNC has been constantly attempting hail marry plays to get themselves back into it. Towards the bottom side of the map — close to their base — they get the perfect catch onto JackeyLove but can’t quite finish the pick. This allowed TES to make a final push in FNC’s base ending the game. 

Karsa once again was a monster. 

Gen.G vs G2 Esports (Best of 5) (REWATCH RECOMMENDATION: ?/5)

Game 1

It was a dominating and controlling early game for Gen.G with better farming from their laners over their counterparts. Continued with a play onto the top lane for the First Blood. Martin “Wunder” Hansen and Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee were damaging each other in the top lane. Kim “Clid” Tae-min forced the engage but Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski was there. Rasmus “Caps” Winther teleported to help having Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong match it. Both Caps and Jankos die but Rascal gets traded. 

Even with GEN’s early play stifling G2 Esport’s want to get picks, G2 were still able to get the picks they wanted as well as some towers through Caps — this got them the gold lead. Until finally, at the 21-minute mark, G2 find one pick that turns into three, leading to Baron. G2 was doing a great job avoiding team fights and picked their spots, utilizing their team composition with Twisted Fate and Pantheon adding Jhin pop shots from afar. 

Fast forward to 28 minutes, with nothing left to lose GEN start an ambitious fight in the mid lane looking for the hail mary play. G2 end up destroying them, acing them from mid to top. They get their second dragon of the game — slowing down GEN from getting soul — but get stopped from doing Baron. Both teams end up resetting and meeting once again at Baron; G2 starts. GEN go to contest and G2 swiftly turn around and ace them. Although the fight looked good at the start for GEN, getting a pick onto Caps, the gold discrepancy was just too big — G2 ended the game off of that. 

Game 2

An explosive start to game two — completely opposite from the previous game. GEN’s bot lane came up huge as G2’s was constantly pressuring them. G2’s bot lane engaged on them and GEN’s managed to turn it around getting a double kill on Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk. Jankos came in late and got one kill back. Meanwhile, Rascal solo killed Wunder in the top lane but died to the tower. Fast-forward a few minutes, Jankos goes for a gank onto Rascal and kills him. Clid alongside Bdd, come up to trade it back and it eventually ends in a two for one in favour of G2 after a Caps teleport. This all happened before 10 minutes.

At the 12-minute mark a fight breaks out in the mid lane as Bdd and Clid were looking to get a gank onto Caps but a Shen ultimate and a Tahm Kench ultimate allow G2 to collapse first. At that point, it extended as G2 wanted more — four for two in favour of G2. As it was customary for GEN throughout the game, GEN was constantly going for plays as last-ditch efforts. GEN four-man gank Wunder in the top lane, G2 respond with diving Rascal in the bot lane and getting bot tier one tower. 

Going into the mid-game, before 20 minutes had even passed, GEN forced a 5v5 in the mid lane that ended up with G2 coming out ahead. Later, Rascal comes back trying to force something out of nothing and GEN lose even harder — losing two more. Past this, G2 were able to get Baron due to some GEN and Rascal mistakes and were poised to end the game.

In one of the final fights of the game, GEN seemingly finally fight the ideal fight starting it off with a pick onto Mikyx. But, Caps — who was a monster on the Sylas throughout the whole game — turned it on its head getting a triple kill. After this, G2 pushed it down mid lane, acing GEN once again and finishing the game.

Game 3

Three games in a row now where G2 force an early flash out of a GEN member off of an early invade. Once again, GEN start off well in the laning phase but begin to throw it away as Life oversteps wanting to cancel a Luka “Perkz” Perković recall. With a Caps teleport, G2’s bot lane kill Life for First Blood. G2 continued their aggression with a three-man dive onto Rascal in the top lane but GEN made it a trade as Bdd used his Twisted Fate ultimate and Life roamed up — GEN expended a lot for so little. 

Come nine minutes in, G2 kill two in the bot lane after they make the call to five-man dive it. A Wunder teleport and a Caps stealing Twisted Fate’s ultimate on the Sylas sealed it. It wasn’t all doom and gloom for GEN though, as in the bottom side of the river they manage to find the perfect fight, killing three and tie up the kill count. Fast-forward to 15 minutes in, in one of the multiple instances of Clid getting caught, Clid gets caught looking for a flank in the mid lane allowing G2 to get three kills, a dragon and two towers.

G2 were poised to take this final game, forcing GEN to throw everything at them. GEN caught out Perkz but couldn’t quite finish him as Mikyx came clutch on the Rakan to save him. But after this, finally, GEN find the fight they were looking for. Rascal gets a flank teleport as G2 is collapsing onto a Bdd who was using his ultimate to get away, this got a triple for Rascal and four kills total for GEN — equalizing the gold. 

To finalize the game, chaos broke out after G2 managed to squeeze out a dragon take while GEN were also contesting it. At the start of the fight, Caps got chunked out forced and to reset, later teleporting in. G2 managed to get three kills but lose one. Once it was all settled, G2 pushed for the end but couldn’t quite finish it off. As they’re retreating — looking for a reset — GEN go in with their Tahm Kench ultimate forcing a fight trying to pick off stragglers but only end up getting one to two kills. Quickly succeeding this, with only a brief break, G2 find the game-ending fight as they engage onto GEN in the mid lane — ending the game and the series.

Images via Riot Games

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