Lenovo’s leaked Steam Deck competitor looks a lot like the Nintendo Switch

Lenovo’s leaked Steam Deck competitor looks a lot like the Nintendo Switch
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Joseph Kime


17th Aug 2023 11:05

The hardware world is about to kick into gear. 2023 brings what is expected to be the final year of the Nintendo Switch's tenure as its company's primary console. Although we've seen it coming, it'll be sad to say farewell.

Either way, as Nintendo's offerings have served as something of a mid-generation shift in every instance so far, it's going to be compelling to see how the industry reacts to whatever's cooking while the Switch's sales slow.

It looks like a new competitor is on the rise to combat the newly welcomed Steam Deck. As Lenovo muscles into the market with a handheld gaming Goliath, its leaked console is accused of being pretty familiar as a Nintendo Switch lookalike. 

Lenovo is challenging the Steam Deck - with a console that looks like a Switch

A look at the Lenovo Legion Go and its controllers.
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Windows Report

Wait, haven't we already got one of these? A ne leak from Windows Report has shared a look at the Lenovo Legion Go, the console that the company hopes will be set to compete with the Steam Deck. But in a pretty bizarre twist, it looks like it's basically just like if the Steam Deck had a baby with a Nintendo Switch.

Keep your questions about the process to yourself. According to reports, the Legion Go boasts an 8-inch screen, two controllers that can be removed from the sides, and a kickstand at the back so you can prop it up.

It looks like there are a few angles that the Legion Go is trying to take in the industry - but there's one thing that might turn players off.

The Lenovo Legion Go is a thicc boy

The Lenovo Legion Go.
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Windows Report

Lenovo isn't nervous about cramming everything into this console, it would seem, as both the joy-con-alike controllers and the base of the console are incredibly chunky. With the Switch 2 reportedly going slimmer in 2024, Lenovo is going in the opposite direction.

It looks like the USP of the console is going to be some impressive hardware and processing power with a chassis like this - but it's got some work to do if it wants to overtake the Steam Deck or the Switch. Still, with reports it'll run AMD Phoenix processors, it can also give the Asus ROG Ally a run for its money.

As Windows Report claims, the Legion Go will run Windows 11 and should be able to play any Windows PC titles that support its specs. We welcome Lenovo back to the console war - it's been a while, but we're glad to see you.

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