Xbox owners are swapping their consoles for a PS5

Xbox owners are swapping their consoles for a PS5
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Joseph Kime


8th Aug 2023 13:45

The debate as to who comes out on top at any given moment between Microsoft and Sony's console gaming staples rages on, even though we should ultimately be beyond this.

The deal between Xbox and Activision Blizzard is expected to turn the tide when it finally goes through, but in the meantime, there are two camps. It largely comes down to those who love a narrative-led AAA masterpiece on PS5 and the players who like to lap up the goodies on Game Pass over in camp Xbox.

But, some seem to have changed their minds about what they want. Making the most of the console wars, it looks like the opportunity to jump ship has arrived.

Players are leaving Xbox for PS5

American players who are ready to say farewell to Xbox for greener pastures, listen up - the deal of the century is here.

Sharing a monstrous deal on Reddit in the PS5 subreddit, user MeteorBoy has revealed that players who own an Xbox Series X and fancy swapping it for the PS5 have a great option to do so. Simply head to GameStop and trade them in.

GameStop US is giving Pro members a $50 bonus when they trade in certain consoles like the Xbox Series X. As the current trade value of a Series X is $385 (and making the most of the $50 bonus), you're just $15 short of the PS5's current $450 price tag. Not too bad at all. 

It's a pretty incredible bit of maths there, and it's likely to save fans a lot of pennies, especially as there are many who are missing out on what the PS5 has to offer. You might not be able to play Starfield, but hey, swings and roundabouts.

Players concede to ditch Xbox for PlayStation

Xbox and PS5
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It would seem plenty in the comments are being talked around pretty easily, as they seem keen for the offer. "I may have to get rid of my Series S," says one comment, while another added, "Honestly I have both and feel they both have their place but if you are looking to jump ship to PS5 seems to be a decent deal."

It's clear that it's not just PS5 that's talking people around, but more a mere tiring with Xbox. Someone else concluded, "I'd love to trade my Series S for a Switch OLED." Though PS5 has bangers, it's not just temptation that's alluring players to ditch Xbox, some are bored of what it has to offer.

Even though it's only available in the USA, GameStop's one is a great deal. It offers players an out if they want it, meaning a full mutiny could be on the way. 

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