Leaked TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS Warzone Operators slammed

Leaked TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS Warzone Operators slammed

Written by 

Jack Marsh


4th May 2023 10:29

As the Call of Duty skin game continues to evolve, the developers have set off down the lane of recreating real-life people and placing them into Warzone alongside Task Force 141 and their strings of baddies.

The lifelike recreations have become increasingly popular, from Snoop Dog to the soon-to-be-added Kevin Durant bundle. Now the team are set to honour some of their most popular streamers.

TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS Warzone Operators leaked by dataminers

According to dataminers, Tim "TimTheTatman" Betar and Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff are set to be the first-ever Call of Duty streamers to be added to Warzone as Operators - akin to how we've seen Fortnite launch their creator programme with Tyler "Ninja" Blevins.

The two streamers are supposed to be getting their faces in Warzone during the remaining weeks of Season 3, or possibly, the start of Season 4.

Both TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS will be honoured for their impact in streaming Call of Duty, given that they were arguably the biggest content creators in the game during the first Warzone iteration. However, some fans are now a little bemused, as the pair have left Warzone behind in recent months.

Call of Duty fans slam TimTheTatman and NICKMERCS Operator skins

Given that NICKMERCS has quit Call of Duty for a career in Apex Legends, which has been a resounding success for the streamer as his professional team Tripods has recently placed fourth in a recent ALGS heat, fans have been left scratching their heads as to why he has been chosen over the likes of Seth "Scump" Abner.

"No hate to NICKMERCS, I know he was a part of the SnD scene in the past, but Activision is really trying to sell someone who has completely gone over to Apex instead of someone the community would appreciate being in the game," claimed one fan on Reddit.

As the most-viewed streamer in the scene, the most-watched player ever, and a 32-times-champion in the esports scene, Scump has now spoken out about being snubbed, after fans claimed it was "disrespectful" to the King.

"Activision is literally a business, I don't think they give a f**k about disrespecting. But I'm not mad. Why would I be mad?" he said on stream.

"To be honest, it does not bother me. Those guys are very big streamers, they've done a very good job at what they do. obviously, I've had a good long tenured Call of Duty career, but those guys appeal to a different audience, so I can't be mad."

This hasn't stopped fans from getting their pitchforks out on social media, and despite how cool it will be to have real-life streamers running around Al Mazrah, Scump's omission shows how little the developers value the multiplayer scene over Warzone.

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