Yes, Lady Dimitrescu Can Absolutely Crush Your Skull

Yes, Lady Dimitrescu Can Absolutely Crush Your Skull

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Tom Chapman


25th Apr 2021 21:31

Stealing hearts (metaphorically and physically), reaching things on high shelves, and doing a great Edward Scissorhands impression. Is there anything Resident Evil Village's Lady Alcina Dimitrescu can't do? Adding to this villainous vampire's list of handy attributes, it turns out the towering temptress can also crush your skull like an overripe melon.

Since Capcom's first reveal of the eighth main Resident Evil game last year, players have been obsessed with Lady D. From her first appearance as "Tall Vampire Woman" to the slow reveal of her backstory, Dimitrescu has become a highlight of both Village demos and looks like she's going to give Ethan Winters a run for his money when he tries to escape her razor-sharp clutches.

Although the latest demo showed the disadvantages of a slow-moving Alcina navigating the cramped corridors of Castle Dimitrescu, she more than makes up for her sluggish pace with brute force. In case you underestimate the power for Lady D, someone has crunched the numbers and figured out exactly how strong she is. 


Would Lady Dimitrescu crush your skull?

In a video by Kyle Hill (via Kotaku), Capcom sponsored him to figure out how much pressure Lady D is packing under those giant shoes - seriously though, what size shoe do you think she is? With Alcina lording it over us all, she stands at an imposing 9'6" and easily outshines the world's tallest woman at (an unconfirmed) 8'4". In the video, Hill used the sometimes sketchy BMI to work out the crushing power of Lady Dimitrescu. 

Opening the video, Hill explained, "Unlike Lady Dimitrescu’s height, we do not have a canonical mass, so we’re going to have to estimate it indirectly". He continued, "There are two problems with this indirect approach", with the first being no BMI chart is able to capture a character of that height. Hill had to extrapolate current charts to try and figure it out. Hill also said, "The second problem is that we have to eyeball her BMI to work backwards and get her mass". Even if it's a rough guesstimate, Hill put her BMI between 24 and 26. With some complicated maths, it places her weight at a hefty 450lbs - around 32st. 


How would Lady Dimitrescu crush your skull?

From there on out, the maths is a little simpler as he works out the crushing power of Alcina. The various teases of the game have shown she's a fan of a heel, which only adds to the skull-busting potential of the formidable leader of House Dimistrecu. Hill comes up with a final figure that means Lady Dimitrescu could be stomping down with a whopping 145 pascals. That might not mean much to us laymen, but according to Hill, that's "about more than half of what it would take to puncture structural steel".

Keen to put Lady D's skills to the test, the video then goes into Mythbusters territory and places a variety of items under the force of her dancing shoes. After making light work of a ballistics gel head, Hill then put a coconut under scrutiny - proving Lady Dimitrrescu would be making Piña coladas in no time. Basically, if you find yourself playing Resident Evil Village as Ethan Winters and happen to take a tumble, get out the way quickly.

More than just ripping out your throat and sipping a warm glass of Ethan's blood, it looks like Lady D would make light work of your crushing your skull like an ant under a boot. You've been warned!


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