Konami Hints At Resurrecting Silent Hills

Konami Hints At Resurrecting Silent Hills

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Tom Chapman


21st Jun 2021 09:31

Someone fetch the mummified nurses - it looks like Konami has teased a potential return for Silent Hills. Some six years after the game officially kicked the bucket, Hideo Kojima set up Kojima Productions, and things were (sort of) reworked as Death Stranding, could Konami be ready to open up this tormented town all over again?

While the Silent Hill franchise was once a jewel of the Konami crown, it's sadly slipped into the depths of development hell alongside the likes of Metal Gear and Castlevania. Despite Silent Hill lying dormant since 2012, there were plans to head back to its horror roots with P.T. (Playable Teaser) in 2014. A glossy playthrough teased the potential of Silent Hills, however, the whole thing was left to rot like the nightmarish locale itself.

What's the Silent Hills rumour? 

Even if the update doesn't come from the official Silent Hill Twitter, the Konami merch shop dropped a critic tweet that simply read, "Coming soon". Critics pointed to the inclusion of the iconic Pyramid Head - and the idea it's Silent Hill 2 merch - but Silent Hills supporters refused to let a resurrection go.

Fans pointed to the possibly off-centre nature of the logo, suggesting Konami has purposefully hidden an extra S off the end to spell "Silent Hills". Alongside hopes of a GoldenEye remaster or Lucasfilm Games revisiting Star Wars 1313Silent Hills remains one of the most talked-about canned projects that we might never see.

Could Konami bring back Silent Hills?

Obviously, it's not as simple as just dusting off P.T. after all these years. Guillermo del Toro was previously heading up the project, while Norman Reedus was attached as the main character. Whatever is going on, it wouldn't just be picking up where Silent Hills left off. However, let's remember those swirling rumours that Abandoned is actually a new chapter in the Silent Hill series.

The mysterious Blue Box Games (nope, we've not heard of them either) title is bringing this atmospheric horror to the PlayStation 5, and while the developer itself has debunked the idea of Abandoned being a placeholder name for Silent Hills, it's a wild theory that refuses to go away. Added to this, there are claims that Death Stranding's mixed reception led to Sony passing on Kojima's next game

For longer than we care to remember, various "insiders" have tipped multiple Silent Hill games to be just over the horizon. Konami is reportedly shopping around for two Silent Hill games, with one being a PlayStation 5 exclusive and another being a possible reboot. We aren't buying that Silent Hill will stay silent for long, but at the same time, we're not convinced Silent Hills is about to claw its way out of the grave. 

Either way, the upcoming release of Abandoned could be one to watch. Even if it isn't Silent Hills, it could fill the Pyramid Head-shaped hole in our lives.


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