Infinity Ward under fire for re-releasing old Warzone skins

Infinity Ward under fire for re-releasing old Warzone skins
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


19th Apr 2023 18:40

Infinity Ward and Raven Software have been placed under the microscope, as it appears they're taking a lacklustre approach to the new Operator outfits in Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. Apparently, the games are reselling skins from the prequel title.

Having upset players by discontinuing their skin collections when transferring over from Warzone 1 to the sequel, Infinity Ward is rubbing salt in the wounds of their players.

Images have appeared that show the developers are re-skinning their designs from Warzone 1 and placing them in Warzone 2's store. As you can imagine, fans are not happy.

Warzone 2 devs accused of plagiarising themselves

Popular Warzone content creator "PrestigeIsKey" showcased two very similar skins produced by Infinity Ward, one coming from Warzone 1 and the second being set to be added to Warzone 2.

The skin has the same design, from a tight latex mask, a flappy mane on the shoulders, leather-look bottoms, and a cylindrical drink flask attached to their lower back. The only difference is that the new Warzone 2 skin comes with a weed-look makeover with marijuana leaves on it.

The studios were previously accused of two accounts of plagiarising, with a fan-made concept being implemented into Vanguard and Warzone, and Herschel "Dr Disrespect" Beahm's Deadrop character being "stolen" too.

Warzone 2 adds re-skinned weapon blueprints to store

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The mary-jane-inspired skin isn't the only recoloured design that is being added to Warzone 2 either, as PrestigeIsKey also pointed out how some green-coloured Crayola has been scratched across weapon blueprints to be re-released.

The newly-added Vaporizer weapon blueprint is a direct knock-off of the Resonant gun design from Warzone 1, even being brought out on similar weapons.

Given that players who spent good money on these skins in the first game were not able to carry them over, it comes as a kick in the teeth for bundle fanatics who are out of pocket. After that skin scandal, it's not a look good to plagiarise your own work.

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