Infinity Ward Toyed With Free For All 'Moshpit Gulag'

Infinity Ward Toyed With Free For All 'Moshpit Gulag'
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


16th Feb 2023 17:25

The classic Gulag feel is finally back in Warzone 2. No longer will you have to rely on a random teammate to help you redeploy back into Al Mazrah.

Season 2 reverted the two-versus-two Gulag back to its household Mexican standoff battle of patience and wits, and fans were pleasantly surprised to have an old-school one-versus-one showdown again.

But, that wasn't always going to be the case.

Infinity Ward Reportedly Wanted A 'Moshpit Gulag'

Instead of going back to the Gulag showers style of redemption and relying on the rawest form of Call of Duty gameplay - straight-up gun skill - the developers reportedly tried a "moshpit Gulag" prototype.

In this scenario, a group of players would gather in the last-chance saloon arena and fight to the death. It's not detailed how many players would have come out of this moshpit alive, but there was a way to release every single player back to the arena if all the doors could be opened.

However, this was left as a product of the imagination, as the 1v1 Gulag was reinstated instead. 

Infinity Ward Believed 2v2 Gulags Would Be A Success

According to CharlieIntel, the developers were also upset that the 2v2 experience wasn't to the liking of Warzone 2 players. 

"They also stated that they thought 2v2 was super interesting but the randomness of matchmaking causes every player's experience to be very different," the page said on Twitter.

The general consensus is that the 1v1 Gulag is a great re-implementation into Warzone 2, given that its simple yet exhilarating combat makes for a good justice decider. If you don't like it though, make sure to carry around a Redeployment Pack and swerve being gulagged altogether.

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