Bloodborne Fans Furious At Sony Over Horizon Remaster

Bloodborne Fans Furious At Sony Over Horizon Remaster
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Joseph Kime


3rd Oct 2022 08:47

For the nerds who raged that the remaster of The Last of Us Part I, you're going to have a field day with this. Rumour has it that a PS5 remaster for Horizon Zero Dawn is on the way. Details are scarce right now, but it certainly looks legit - meaning fans are taking to the internet to air their dirty laundry about the current trend of remastering games when we're barely one console generation ahead of their release.

The new Horizon release is likely to be closer to the PS5 remaster of Spider-Man than The Last of Us Part I, but even so, fans are frustrated that other games long overdue a remaster aren't being pushed to the plate. You can probably see where this is going.

Why Are Bloodborne Fans Angry Horizon's Rumoured Remaster?

As you can imagine, the FromSoftware fans have crawled out of the woodwork to moan about the fact that we haven't seen a remaster for Bloodborne yet - and they're using the fact that Horizon Zero Dawn is getting a refresh to push it once again.

Responding to a tweet by news corroborator Nibellion, fans have expressed their frustration (once again) that the FromSoftware classic from 2015 is yet to see a remaster. To be fair, any return to Bloodborne would sell like hotcakes. We've heard a lot about a return of Bloodborne in some form, but sadly, the rumours have turned into nothing.

One critic fumed, "Horizon Zero dawn getting a remake/remaster before Bloodborne has to be the worst out of season April fool's joke Sony has made," while another one added, "If you want to remaster a pretty recent game do that with f*****g bloodborne. Horizon Zero Dawn is so f*****g boring man." A third concluded, " I can't begin to wrap my head around PlayStation's current approach if the rumors are true. Sly Cooper? No. Bloodborne PS5 update? Nope. SOCOM? Nah. Resistance? Nay. But we're gonna get "remakes" of The Last Of Us and possibly Horizon Zero Dawn?"


Does Sony Need To Reconsider Its Remasters?

It's a difficult conversation to fight the corner of when it comes to which games are getting remastered. Sony doesn't exactly have a long list of games to remaster that are being ticked off in order of importance.

This remaster is likely a push by Guerrilla Games to help promote Forbidden West, which also makes Zero Dawn the experience it deserves to be. The team working on the remaster certainly aren't to blame for the lack of the return of Bloodborne, but it's reasonable that fans are frustrated. Let's be honest, though - a remastered Bloodborne will come. The real question we need to be asking is when.

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