All-Inclusive Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator Leaked Online

All-Inclusive Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator Leaked Online
Avalanche Software

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Tom Chapman


5th Aug 2022 10:45

The little witch or wizard inside you is presumably lighting up like lumos right now, as Hogwarts Legacy is nearly here. From those who read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone all the way back in 1997 to those that grew up with Daniel Radcliffe playing the Boy Who Lived, chances are, most of our lives have been intersected by the Potterverse.

The Wizarding World has always felt like an inclusive place... well, until a certain franchise author spoke out about her views on the transgender community. Since then, this grim spectre has hung over Hogwarts Legacy like a dementor. The devs have done their best to distance the game from the controversy, and instead, have championed an all-inclusive character creator.

What Is The Hogwarts Legacy Character Creator?

We've seen a snippet of the Hogwarts Legacy character creator during PlayStation's special showcase in March, but for those wanting to know more about how it works, we've got you covered. Software company Autodesk opened up the Chamber of Secrets for a presentation during the Autodesk Vision Series. Alongside a new cinematic, there was a reveal of the Hogwarts Legacy character creator.

The footage isn't officially online yet, but over on Reddit, you can see some screenshots of the Hogwarts Legacy character creator in action. Redditor u/AndrewGamez1 confirmed five of the six tabs are known, with presets, facewear, hairstyles, complexion, and eyebrows being some of the options. With so many customisation options on the table, you should be able to create your perfect likeness or escape to be whoever you want in-game.

Fans were suitably impressed with the Hogwarts Legacy character creator. One cheered, "This is what I'm most excited about!! Can't wait!!" Another added, "Can't wait to spend hours on this," while a third joked, "Just waiting for someone to create a YouTube guide on how to create Bruce Wayne." Posting on Twitter, Avalanche Community Manager Chandler Wood promised that the team will show off more of the character creator and reveal the mysterious final tab at a later date. 


Will Hogwarts Legacy Have Transgender Witches And Wizards?

During Avalanche's big reveal of character customisation, the issue of transgender witches and wizards is sure to be a major talking point. The developer has promised the transgender community will be represented in-game, but that hasn't stopped critics of J.K. Rowling vowing to boycott it entirely. It remains to be seen just how much you can customise your characters, but it's hoped there are options for gender-neutral voices after Cyberpunk 2077 managed to botch its attempts at this. 

The mysterious sixth tab is up for debate, but many seem to think it will be where you choose your house. We've known for a while that you can pick between the big four, which is arguably going to be one of the game's hardest decisions.  Others were impressed that there are Black hairstyles. Maxis' The Sims has been called out for a lack of diversity when it comes to Black representation, so hopefully, Avalanche has learned from this. Still, Hogwarts Legacy continues to win over its critics. 

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