Hogwarts Legacy Gamescom Trailer Slammed By Fans

Hogwarts Legacy Gamescom Trailer Slammed By Fans
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Tom Chapman


24th Aug 2022 10:34

Ouch, that was a bit of a Crucio, wasn't it? The first reviews of the Hogwarts Legacy Gamescom trailer are in, and let's just say, a lot of gamers think Avalanche Software is flunking Potions class. There was a lot to unpack from Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022, but up there with the reveal of Dead Island 2 (if it hadn't been spoiled), Hogwarts Legacy set tongues wagging. 

First revealed via a leak back in 2018, Hogwarts Legacy is the long-requested open-world Harry Potter game - just without the Boy Who Lived. There's plenty of hype surrounding the magical adventure, but with more delays than spiders in the Forbidden Forest, it's allowed the game's critics to rally together like an army of Death Eaters. 

What Did The Hogwarts Legacy Gamescom Trailer Show?

One of Hogwarts Legacy's big selling points has been the ability to use dark magic. For those who've wanted to show off their more sinister side and always dreamed of being in Slytherin, now's your chance. We've known Unforgivable Curses are part of the game, but the Gamescom trailer explored the darker elements of Hogwarts Legacy

Unfortunately, social media was once again filled with complaints that we haven't seen any proper gameplay. It's up for debate on whether the latest trailer is a gameplay trailer or not, but either way, there wasn't exactly a lot that lets us see your witch/wizard whipping their wand. Instead, we got to know more about the Dark Questline with Sebastian Sallow and what happens if we choose to learn the Cruciatus Curse from him.

On Twitter, Hogwarts Legacy was dragged across the goals for a lack of gameplay and some lacklustre graphics. One critic fumed, "Game don't look like it did when it was first announced .. downgrade confirmed?!?!" Another added, "Of all the things u could’ve showed us u showed us that." A particularly scathing review raged: "This looks like trash. What on earth happened? Those facial expressions were so off. And those enemies looked so generic. Where's the harry potter charm and creativity? Ah, never mind, gotta promote the sh*t you get for buying it immediately."


When Will We See More Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay?

As for a lack of gameplay, this was the second-biggest complaint next to graphics that some claim look like they're from the last generation of consoles. One wannabe wizard grumbled, "First of all: why is there no gameplay? We're 6 months away now and this is all we get? Yet another cinematic trailer? Super disappointed. Second: looks like the graphics are off sometimes. The facial expressions, the flying thestral at the end. If this is the ps5 version..." 

It's true that we had a big PlayStation showcase back in March, but as we near its eventual release, there's still a lot that's shrouded in mystery. Confirming our worst fears, Hogwarts Legacy was recently pushed back again. This time, it lost its hopeful Christmas release and has now been shuffled to February 10, 2023. Even though we get the Cloak of Invisibility is a big thing in the Wizarding World, jeez, it feels like Avalanche is wearing one.

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