Hogwarts Legacy Fans Spot Possible Swimming Feature

Hogwarts Legacy Fans Spot Possible Swimming Feature
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9th Aug 2022 10:08

We hope you've packed your swimming trunks alongside your spellbook, because it looks like swimming could be coming to Hogwarts Legacy. Avalanche Software is brewing something in the cauldron, and while we don't have a release date yet, Hogwarts Legacy is hopefully going to be one of 2022's big games.

It was a lifetime ago that we played as the pixelated Hagrid for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, but in the decades since, the Wizarding World has remained at the forefront of the gaming scene. The idea of an open-world Harry Potter game has been a long-held dream for many, and in 2022, we should be getting one.

Is Swimming In Hogwarts Legacy?

Despite Hogwarts Legacy originally being leaked all the way back in 2018, we've seen relatively little of it aside from a few PlayStation showcases. There was a pretty hefty State of Play dedicated to the game in March, and while we got to see a tonne of features like the sprawling open-world map, flying, and character customisation, was another hiding in plain sight?

As spotted by PCGamesN, one plucky Redditor has spotted the potential addition of swimming to Hogwarts Legacy. Scrambling through the various trailers and concept art, u/BNS_Victory found a secret cave beneath the turrets. This looks like a new addition to the game, but could actually lead to a familiar locale (more on that in a minute). Either way, we could be exploring the infamous Black Lake in Hogwarts Legacy

"That to me looks like the entrance to a cave or a possible hidden entrance to get to the dungeons or maybe to the Slytherin common room which we know will be below the waterline (This also shows how massive Hogwarts will be underground)," writes the OP. "The weird part is that we can only get to that place by swimming. Is this too far fetched or does this confirms swimming too?" It's logical that we'll have to get our robes wet to access this part of the game.


What Is This Secret Area In Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy Boats
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We know the Hogwarts Legacy map will be massive, but if we're also going underground, it'll be even bigger. Responding to the post, one fan said, "They mentioned that there are catacombs under Hogwarts, I don't remember exactly where they said it. So yeah I think there will be dungeon like map areas, maybe some are caves." Another wrote, "Dude that's the cave behind Hogwarts from the leaked trailer! From the part where you could see a minimap and some quests." 

For those who know the Potterverse, the Black Lake is an important POI, which featured heavily in Goblet of Fire's Triwizard Tournament. As well as being home to the merpeople, there's also a giant squid lurking down there that could give us some serious Resident Evil 4 Del Lago lake vibes. Others are unconvinced by the theorising and think you could simply fly to this cave (if it's even part of the game), so don't put your goggles on just yet. 

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