Hogwarts Legacy Fans Are Having Their Pre-Orders Cancelled

Hogwarts Legacy Fans Are Having Their Pre-Orders Cancelled
Avalanche Software

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Tom Chapman


4th Jan 2023 10:48

It's a case of mischief not managed, as angry Hogwarts Legacy players are reporting that their pre-orders are being cancelled for seemingly no reason at all.

The long-awaited open-world Harry Potter spin-off is already looking like it'll be one of 2023's biggest games, with it currently sitting at the top of Amazon's pre-order charts. Sadly, Hogwarts Legacy is facing another controversy

Why Are Hogwarts Legacy Pre-Orders Being Cancelled?

On Twitter, there are multiple reports that Hogwarts Legacy fans are having their pre-orders cancelled. This isn't some sort of accident, as responses from WB Games Support confirm the company is aware.

Apparently, the cancellation is due to the delay of the last-gen versions of the game. It means those who've ordered the Digital Deluxe or Collector's Editions of these ports won't have their orders filled on time.

One irate gamer fumed, "So did changing the release date cancel my Xbox's pre-order? Or did you just not want my money? And April 4. Why when it's ready for all the other platforms including mine. If I order it again, are you canceling it next week again or should I just wait for the reviews in May?"

Others say they've been able to reorder pretty easily, so all should be well. Then again, it comes at a troubling time where some demand Avalanche Software cancel the last-gen versions and those against J.K. Rowling vow to boycott Hogwarts Legacy altogether.

What's The Hogwarts Legacy Release Date?

We feel a bit like we've been hit by a Confundus charm regarding the Hogwarts Legacy release date(s). Remember, the game was first due to fly in on a broomstick in 2021, before it was shunted to 2022.

The writing was on the wall, and although we called it, it later slipped into 2023. THEN, it was given a whole host of different release dates based on what platform and edition you bought.

Some lucky muggles who ordered the Digital Deluxe or Collector's Editions will get their copies on February 7, while the mainline release is on February 10. However, that's only for new-gen systems and PC.

If you own a PS4 or Xbox one, you'll be twiddling your thumbs until April 4, while those poor Nintendo Switch owners are cast out into the Forbidden Forest until July 25. It's safe to say the game's release has been a bit of a dumpster fire, so having pre-orders cancelled probably isn't the best look.

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