HisWattson reveals top 5 'powerful' tips for improving in Apex Legends

HisWattson reveals top 5 'powerful' tips for improving in Apex Legends
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Alex Garton


2nd Jun 2023 13:14

Apex Legends is a competitive game at its heart, and the majority of players are constantly looking to get better with every match.

Despite this, improving your Apex skills can often feel like an impossible task, especially if you find yourself plateauing at a certain division in Ranked.

Well, sometimes instead of just practising in the Firing Range, it's better to take advice from an expert whose mastered the game.

Luckily, FURIA pro Jacob "HisWattson" McMillin has decided to reveal the top 5 most 'powerful' tips for improving at Apex Legends.

HisWattson reveals best tips for improving in Apex Legends

If anyone is qualified to give out Apex Legends advice, it's HisWattson. The talented pro has reached Predator rank countless times, sometimes even limiting himself on his journey while climbing because it's too easy for him to reach high ranks with no restrictions.

In terms of his tips, here's what he recommends if you want to improve at Apex Legends:

  1. Play with purpose - HisWattson makes it clear that you need an actual 'goal' and it needs to 'consume you' if you want to excel at Apex. He recommends attempting to reach Masters. Predator, or even win a tournament.
  2. See yourself in the third person - Learning how to see yourself in the third person is the best way to ensure you're never standing in a 'horrible spot', this will allow you to position yourself better on the battlefield.
  3. Perception is everything - Positioning is key in every skirmish you take, 'make your opponent easy to hit and make yourself hard to hit with map geometry.' Never stand in areas which don't allow you to escape or dodge bullets easily.
  4. Train your weaknesses - Identify areas of your game that you feel need to improve and set up a 'high-density' practice schedule that targets these weak aspects of your play.
  5. Play Overwatch - According to HisWattson, Overwatch 2 is 'cracked for training mechanics and is more engaging than playing an aim trainer. 8-10 hours a week of ranked Soldier 76, Cassidy, and Ashe will help you more than you think.'

These tips won't turn you into a pro overnight, but if you stick with them, Wattson has made it clear they will definitely help your Apex skills.

Which Legend should you play in Apex Legends?

Octane Apex Legends
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One of the toughest decisions for any Apex Legends player when looking to improve is picking a Legend. While you can check out our Apex Legends pick rates tracker to see which characters are considered meta, often it's better just to pick a Legend you're comfortable using.

Then, once you've found your ideal character, stick with them and fully master their kit so you know everything about their abilities.

All these techniques will put you on track you become a brilliant Apex Legends player and maybe even one day reach the very top of the Ranked ladder.

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