Hijacking Enemy Choppers Is The New Flex In Warzone 2

Hijacking Enemy Choppers Is The New Flex In Warzone 2
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Jack Marsh


3rd Oct 2022 16:15

Fancy yourself as the next Pete "Maverick" Mitchell? Caught a bit of Top Gun fever? Well, Warzone 2 might just be able to scratch that itch, as hijacking enemy choppers appears to be the new flex.

While Top Gun Maverick might have us gawping at every bead of sweat slowly dripping down Tom Cruise's face, a new thrill of action is coming our way in the form of November's Warzone 2.

The sequel title to the Call of Duty battle royale is set to have quite the overhaul, and while many of the usual features will return, more fun is being packed into the gameplay. One new feature means we're now hijacking enemy choppers... apparently.

Warzone 2 Players Can Hijack Enemy Choppers

Modern Warfare 2 will introduce some brand-new vehicles to the Call of Duty experience, adding to the ever-growing catalogue. One of these will be the Heavy Chopper.

For the first time in the multiplayer side of Call of Duty, you'll be able to actively walk around an airborne helicopter, where you can shoot out of the windows or move to the pilot's pit to drive. But, so can enemies.

If you thought these new aircrafts were solely for your advantage, think again, as unlike where Warzone's helicopter blades would kill falling opponents, early footage suggests that players can land in your flying vehicle and rain terror.

Warzone 2 Player Shows Off Chopper Hijack

Taking to Reddit, user "tiktokalnuke" showcased a clip of the Modern Warfare 2 Ground War game mode, during the open beta, where the player was able to fall from the sky (respawning in GW but also akin to a Gulag redeploy in Warzone) and land in an enemy chopper.

Despite the "Return to Combat Area" warning, the player was able to shoot opponents that were taking refuge in the chopper, and get one on the way down just to show off. Chopper skills became quite the phenomenon in Warzone, with players 'catching' them out of mid-air or using the trajectory to kill squads. Now, the new flex is hijacking.

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