Helldivers 2 just stealth-dropped its new deathbot enemies

Helldivers 2 just stealth-dropped its new deathbot enemies
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Tom Chapman


3rd Apr 2024 12:27

We knew something big was coming to Helldivers 2, but in classic style, the game's latest enemies have landed without much warning. With Automaton gunships lurking in the skies above our quest for democracy, Arrowhead Game Studios just unleashed hell with two new enemy types.

Back when Helldivers 2 was in its infancy, the long-rumoured arrival of mechs was the big talking point. Nowadays, we can barely keep up with teases of the Iluminate faction and leaks of Helldivers' own take on Star Wars' AT-AT walkers

Helldivers 2's update adds new Automaton enemies

Helldivers 2's new 01.000.200 update has added two new enemies, with the Factory Strider being the highlight. This four-legged walker does what it says on the tin, while Automaton gunships arrived just after they were teased. These gunships are faster versions of the bot dropship that are deadly from above. 

The Factory Strider is an armoured fortress for the Automatons, boasting mounted miniguns, laser cannons, and can create Devastators while on the move. As we're warned by Reddit user CappedPluto, the Factor Striders have "no easy to find vents," meaning we can't go full Luke Skywalker to blow them up. 

If that wasn't enough to contend with, there are new weather hazards in the form of blizzards and sandstorms - making it even harder to see when out on the battlefield. Enemy balancing has also taken a tweak, and with Bile Titans no longer able to be stunned, they've also had a buff.

Helldivers gives us its biggest update yet

Just days after the OP Quasar Cannon made our fight look easier than ever, we secured the Robot Vietnam of Malevelon Creek and seemed to be on a winning streak. For those who want a sweatier experience, you can't accuse Arrowhead and Game Master Joel of giving us an easy ride.

Thankfully, wannabe Helldivers can hit the gym, with the game's max level cap being increased from 50 to a whopping 150. The full patch notes confirm that Destroy Command Bunkers has more objectives because it was "too easy." It'll take us a while to get used to the various weapon changes, but alongside all the usual bug fixes, there's a lot to take in.

Still, the Factory Strider is the big one here. The top comment reads, "The damn thing took a rail orbital to the face without losing stride. It's one tough motherfucker AND IT SPAWNS AT EXTRACTION," suggesting we'll have to work harder than ever in our fight for democracy across the cosmos.

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