Two Halo Spin-Off Games Are Reportedly 'In The Works'

Two Halo Spin-Off Games Are Reportedly 'In The Works'

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Jack Marsh


2nd Jan 2021 21:31

One casualty of the global pandemic was the delay of Halo Infinite, as they pushed back the launch of the game which was due to coincide with the release of the next generation of Xbox consoles.

However, despite the delay of the next instalment of Master Chief’s campaign, 343 Industries have reportedly already begun the development of two spin-off series, should leaks be believed.

The prestigious leak account “GameLeaksRumours” has lived up to their namesake and revealed that the developers intend to mimic the way that they released the Master Chief Collection by splitting the Infinite series into four parts. The leaks suggest that the four chapters will span over ten years, and two have already begun to form.

“One of the spin offs planned is a third instalment of Halo Wars. It was originally cancelled because the idea was presented as "space RTS" and now it's back to being a traditional RTS” stated the leaker.

They continued to add “The other planned spinoff is set to be included under Infinite's platform and follows Fireteam Osiris during Infinite's event.

“The ending of Infinite is NOT done. 343 is currently testing 2 possible endings as the ending has a major effect on the future of the franchise going from this game.”

(@GameLeaksRumours' account has now been suspended, reportedly due to copyright laws)

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It goes without saying, 343 Industries have not confirmed these leaks, and the reports are merely speculation lead by one account, albeit rather trusted throughout the Halo community. However, the idea behind spin-offs would be typical of the nature of the developers who have already made several titles.

In terms of Halo Infinite, a date of launch has yet to be decided, although it is likely to be between March and June (Q2 of the year).


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Image via 343 Industries

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