Hades Impossible run has been smashed in just a few hours

Hades Impossible run has been smashed in just a few hours
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Joseph Kime


4th Aug 2023 10:55

Speedrunning communities do indispensable work when it comes to the preservation of classic video games. No matter how many times the world record of Super Mario 64 is deemed unreachable, someone manages to push the time back.

It certainly won't stop the many players who simply deem the speedrun a low-effort hobby. The same goes for modern titles, as speedruns of recent games seem to rush out in a couple of weeks following their release, and players keep on it until they're the very best.

Still, some run are deemed much too difficult to reach for, and one of them just got blasted to smithereens. It didn't take long, but the 'impossible' Hades run has just been destroyed.

Hades player shatters its 'impossible' run

In a move that has stunned speedrunning communities across genres, one player has managed to complete what was once thought to be the toughest achievement in indie powerhouse of Hades.

Cranking the heat (the game's difficulty counter) of Hades all the way to the maximum 64, speedrunner Jade shared a video of the immense accomplishment, tearing through the game on her first day, within mere hours.

Speaking to Polygon over Discord, Jade explained, "I didn't really believe it as it was happening. […] Even right at the end, Hades can spawn several mini bosses, essentially as additional enemies to help him in the first phase." Basically, a lot of luck goes into the Hades Impossible run, but the story doesn't end there.

"If you bypass every single RNG factor, except that, you still lose the run. Right at the end," she continued. "That can be heartbreaking, which didn't happen to me. I got essentially a middle outcome, which was good enough."

Why is the 64 Heat run near impossible?

The reason that this feat has been celebrated so much is that there are many factors that make Hades tougher as the game gets harder, with one video from YouTuber Haelian perfectly demonstrating why. It seems along with incredible skill, Jade had some tremendous luck.

The limitations set on Zagreus as he plays through the game are so strict and specific, many have considered that only with certain boons can a player succeed on the 'impossible' run.

As pointed out by Haelian, you need to roll the right power-ups to complete the challenge, with players having around a 0.41% chance of getting the first two basic powers you'd need to complete the impossible run.

It's a huge achievement that has defied what was previously thought undoable in the speedrunning community. Now, the sky's the limit.

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