Hades Merchandise Lets You Pet The Dog In Real Life

Hades Merchandise Lets You Pet The Dog In Real Life
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27th Jul 2022 13:14

If you're feeling a little under(world) the weather, why not cheer yourselves up with some official Hades merchandise? Two years after Supergiant Games finally released the charismatic dungeon crawler from its early access, you can get your hands on a line of Hades merch that's worthy of Zeus himself. 

For those who haven't heard of Hades, seriously, where have you been? Making the most of our continued obsession with roguelikes, Hades told a brand-new story of the plucky young Zagreus trying to escape the clutches of the titular overlord of the Underworld to reach Olympus. Although there's no sign of a sequel, at least you can celebrate your love for these gods and monsters in style.

What Is The Hades Merchandise?

Over on Fangamer, there's a whole line of Hades merchandise that will have you wanting to pet the dog all over again. As well as a First of the Furies cotton sweatshirt to remember when you tried to get past Magaera for the 1,000th time, there are also pins, the Hades soundtrack on CD, and the pricey Underworld triptych print set (costing $179).

If you've been enjoying Hades on the Nintendo Switch, dive back into the Underworld with the Hades PowerA Nintendo Switch controller for $59. We'll admit though, the real highlight is Fangamer's two doe-eyed plushies. There's a fan-favourite 10" Dusa plush to honour the disembodied Gorgon, which also has a voice box that spouts her typically anxious one-liners. 

Our personal favourite is this very good boy in the form of the 12" Cerberus plush. The three-headed dog can usually be found next to Hades, but later in the game, you can take on the pooch for yourself. Considering the ability to pet Cerberus became a hot topic, we imagine the plush will be flying off shelves. Both Cerberus and Dusa cost $32. 


Will There Be A Hades Sequel?

Hades Cerberus
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Supergiant Games

Although we could come up with plenty of ideas for where Hades 2 could go - like a game set in Olympus - it doesn't sound like one is on the way. In 2021, Supergiant's Greg Kasavin admitted (via NME) that he's not sure that there will be a sequel. "We have never known in the past what comes next. We never plan our next game until we’re done with the one that we’re currently working on," said Kasavin.

A year later, and there isn't so much as a whisper of Hades 2, meaning many have confined the idea to the River Styx. Kasavin added, "I think part of the reason is that there's a little superstition around that for our team because we want to make sure that we're fully committed to the thing that we're currently working on instead of, you know, counting our chickens before they hatch." The Hades modding community is doing what Supergiant hasn't. At least the recent addition of four more gods with the OlympusExtra mod gives us something new to play while we sit with our Cerberus plush. 

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