GTA Ned Luke, who is known for playing Michael De Santa, has been hospitalised over COVID-19 and is doing well with the thoughts and prayers of his fans and co-stars.

16:53, 18 Jan 2021

When looking back at Rockstar Games' acclaimed legacy with Grand Theft Auto, the general consensus is that 2013's GTA V is the jewel in the crown. As well as earning the honour of being the most profitable entertainment product of all time, GTA V was praised for having an expansive open world and a varied storyline that focussed on three main characters. While we divided our time between bank robber Michael De Santa, low-level street gangster Franklin Clifton, and arms smuggler Trevor Phillips, they each got their time to shine.

Everyone had their favourite member of the troupe, but for many, it's the complex Michael that became the hero of the piece In real-life, GTA V's voice cast have all had impressive careers that make them decidedly different to Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. In sad news, Michael's voice actor, Ned Luke, has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is currently undergoing medical care in hospital.

Posting on his Instagram to his 337k followers, Luke revealed his diagnosis. As well as saying he'll be back stronger than ever, Luke described medical staff on the front line as the "true heroes". Luke's post was then inundated with support from well-wishers. Among those sending their thoughts Luke's way were The Walking Dead's Jay Huguley, Murphy Brown's Faith Ford, and host Tanner Zipchen. 

Fellow GTA V stars Steven Ogg (Trevor) and Shawn Fonteno (Franklin) also gave their support. Ogg wrote, "Kick its ass like you do when speaking the English language! Sending love!! Xo", while Fonteno added, "WIT THAT YEEYEE ASS HAIR. GET WELL BIG BRO WE WORK TO DO" with reference to his iconic haircut scene. Interestingly, the fact Fonteno said "we work to do" teases that the pair could have something in the pipeline. Will we see more from Michael and Franklin in a potential GTA 6?

Of course, Ned Luke isn't the only star to be struck with COVID-19. From Tom Hanks to Idris Elba, Hollywood is no stranger to the coronavirus pandemic. Aside from GTA V, Luke's CV includes bit parts in Diagnosis Murder, Law & Order, and Boardwalk Empire, as well as various voice roles in Red Dead Redemption II. Still, it's playing Michael that's probably his most notable performance to date. At least he seems to be taking coronavirus in his stride.

Back to the idea of GTA 6, players continue to wait for even the slightest sniff of what's to come. GTA Online is still going great guns, and only recently, delivered the Cayo Perico Heist update to keep fans hooked. While the most prevalent rumours suggest the next game could be some sort of Vice City sequel, Rockstar isn't willing to give anything away just yet. We wish Ned Luke a speedy recovery and that he keeps a positive attitude while tackling COVID-19



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