GTA 6 'Leaked Map' Appears To Confirm Vice City Location

GTA 6 'Leaked Map' Appears To Confirm Vice City Location

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Tom Chapman


17th May 2021 09:58

We can hear Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" from here, as the latest Grand Theft Auto leaks hint at a return to Vice City for the upcoming GTA 6. It's been nearly eight years since we revved into action as Trevor, Michael, and Franklin for GTA V, meaning we're more than overdue a next entry. Although Rockstar Games hasn't officially announced GTA 6 it's hard to imagine a world where the acclaimed developer isn't already tinkering away on another chapter. 

In terms of where we go next, the wide world of GTA is primed for a potential return to Liberty City, San Andreas, Vice City, or beyond. Players have previously taken a detour in London and (most recently) Cayo Perico for our first trip outside the USA, however, there's a prevalent rumour it's back to the neon-soaked Vice City for GTA 6. Considering 2002's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is held as one of the best games in the series, it's no surprise fans are gagging for more from this Miami knock off. 


Is GTA 6 heading back to Vice City?

By now, we're more than used to GTA 6 rumours and them being quickly debunked. The latest is a doozy, as it apparently shows off the GTA 6 map and a familiar-looking locale. A satellite image map originally appeared in 2018 but was thrown out as a fan-made Photoshop due to its lack of detail. Now, it's resurfaced again and reignited hope that we're going to Vice City for a much bigger adventure. Remembering how the Red Dead Redemption 2 map leaked in a similar style long before we saddled up for Rockstar's game, there could be something to these latest leaks. 

Unfortunately, the leaked map is part of a jigsaw puzzle that has been dropped by an anonymous leaker on 4Chan. Anyone who is anyone knows that 4Chan is a notoriously sketchy place to source from, suggesting that we need to take all of the above with a massive grain of salt. There are claims that the main map will be a revamped Vice City, while there will also be Caribbean islands dotted around to expand the map. 


Should GTA 6 go to Vice City?

The concept of returning to Vice City has been floated a lot. However, to keep the modern setting established in GTA V, some have suggested we take a leap out of the period setting on 1986 and bring Vice City kicking into the present. It will definitely be interesting to see what's changed and whether Tommy Vercetti is still kicking around as his very own Tony Montana - he'd be 70 by now. Then again, there are other arguments that a modern version of Vice City would lose its retro aesthetic that made the game so great in the first place.

No matter what you think, any form of Vice City is sure to be a hit with fans. In fact, players are so fed up with rumours and whispers, most would be happy with an official update that the game is even being worked on. This round of rumours comes after speculation of a GTA 6 reveal at this year's E3 ramped things into overdrive. When someone asked if there's going to be a reveal trailer at the expo, the official E3 account replied with a coy Lilo & Stitch gif. Whether we're destined for the pastels of Vice City or something completely new, here's hoping 2021 is finally the year GTA 6 takes a leap forward.


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