GTA 6 job listing backs up multiple time period leaks

GTA 6 job listing backs up multiple time period leaks
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Tom Chapman


15th Aug 2023 14:56

It sounds like the next Grand Theft Auto will be a game of multiples. Although there are no official reveals from Rockstar Games itself, we've heard about multiple protagonists, multiple cities, multiple expansions, and (now) multiple time periods. 

With GTA 6 tipped to be the most expensive game of all time, but likely the biggest game of all time, it seems the devs are going with the mantra of bigger is better. There are still questions about where GTA 6 will be set, and while Vice City is an ever-popular rumour, we don't know exactly when in its history we might be visiting. 

GTA 6 could feature multiple time periods

GTA 6 Vice City gameplay and artwork
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There's a reason the period-set Vice City is one of the most popular GTA games, with the neon lights and Hawaiian shirts of the '80s fitting Tommy Vercetti's rise through the ranks. GTA 6 taking us to a modernised Vice City is a recurring rumour, however, flashbacks could also give us a blast from the past. 

As reported by GameRant, a new Rockstar job listing has hinted at different time periods. The Toronto studio is currently looking for a Character Assembly Artist who is well-versed in "era-specific culture and demographics." The ideal candidate needs "an understanding of fashion and street-style," hinting at different fashions.

It's a bit of a leap, although things definitely stack up with GTA 6 not being set entirely in the present day and the idea your characters will age. We could have a whole game set in the past, but it seems unlikely, considering GTA Online has been making bank for the past decade. Any successor would likely stick to a familiar setting. 

GTA 6 rumoured for multiple time periods

GTA Vice City and GTA V crossover
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We've heard about GTA 6 jumping around the timelines for a while. A potential story leak suggested that we'd start in the past with child versions of rumoured protagonists Lucia and Jason. The crux of GTA 6 is tipped to pick up with the pair as adults, potentially as a Bonnie and Clyde-esque story. 

Apart from the deluge of leaks in 2022, we've been left starved of official news on GTA 6. Players have been combing through the footage to try and put together the pieces, and so far, we've seen a wholly modern game. Then again, flashbacks to Vice City's glory days could merge the old and new.

Unfortunately, there's no sign of GTA 6. Despite a supposed 2024 release window being locked in, we're yet to get even a sniff of a trailer. Rockstar doesn't really need to market GTA 6, but still, we can just imagine the internet going into meltdown when we eventually get a first look at the automotive adventure. 

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