God Of War Ragnarok Thor Actor Gives Release Date Update

God Of War Ragnarok Thor Actor Gives Release Date Update
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Tom Chapman


7th Jun 2022 10:39

It's the gaming question on everyone's lips. Just when is God of War Raganrok going to be released? The hotly anticipated sequel to 2018's franchise reboot is presumably just around the corner, but now, God of War Ragnarok's very own Thor actor has given a promising update.

After a tantalising tease at the end of the previous game, Thor is ready to go hammer to axe against Kratos in God of War Ragnarok. The upcoming entry will be the last in the Norse mythology, with Cory Barlog confirming there won't be a trilogy of Norse games. This will end the God of War story... for now.

When Will God of War Ragnarok Release?

When it comes to the God of War Ragnarok release date, we're left adrift in the Nine Realms of rumours. Thankfully, Ryan Hurst is on hand to give us a glimmer of hope. Speaking at Comic Con Revolution, the Sons of Anarchy actor confirmed he's wrapped up "the last tiny bit of work" on Ragnarok.

Reading between the lines, it looks like we're on track for an imminent drop. We previously reported how Ragnarok was in a playable state, while a more recent update suggested that Ragnarok merch is pointing at a September release date. September is a month we've heard about time and time again, so hopefully, we're on the money.

Unfortunately, we're no closer to Sony giving us the official nod. The latest Sony State of Play was huge for the likes of Resident Evil, but Ragnarok was MIA yet again. With a presumed release date announcement looming closer, here's hoping for another full-blown showcase as we saw with Hogwarts Legacy


What Do We Know About Thor In God Of War Ragnarok?

Elsewhere, the interviewer got Hurt to confirm this is voiceover work and not motion capture - suggesting we're right at the end of the development process. Hurst went on to champion Ragnarok by saying it's "super complex," but with hopes of a suitably cataclysmic endgame (considering Ragnarok is the Norse end of days), what else would you expect?

Hurst confirmed that while he's seen motion capture before, this is his first role and the first time he's worn a "suit with balls on" - meaning it's full mo-cap to emulate his likeness. As an aside, he described Thor as "seven-foot something," which would put him a full foot taller than Kratos. Given that the Ghost of Sparta already cuts an imposing stature, he'll have his work cut out for him going against Thor and the imposing Tyr. We hope he's kept his axe sharp.

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