Why Are Some God Of War Fans Calling Thor 'Fat' When He's A Beefcake

Why Are Some God Of War Fans Calling Thor 'Fat' When He's A Beefcake
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10th Sep 2021 12:06

It's undeniable that Kratos is the eye-candy of the nordic brute mythology line-up, with his piercing war paint adding an essence of scarred beauty over a war-torn hero that would protect the fondest of creatures from the fate of the harsh world.

However, he faces stiff competition in the Nordic beauty contest from Thor, albeit not in his pre-Ragnarok stage when the hammering beast piled on the pounds. 

Now, the two are set to face off in the God of War sequel, Ragnarok, which has finally been revealed at the PlayStation Showcase. 

God of War: Ragnarok Trailer Revealed At PlayStation Showcase

The first trailer for the eagerly anticipated second instalment of God of War showed us the first glimpse of some of the returning characters, such as Kratos himself, the young Atreus, and Mimir. Whilst the young and confused protegee looks to be searching for answers about himself and the wider universe, Kratos seemingly wants to spare him from the conflict of the gods, especially with a war on the horizon as Ragnarok beckons. 

As we can see from an electric cameo, Thor is set to but heads against Kratos in-game, as the likes of Loki and Odin are also mentioned.

But after seeing an image of the thunderous god, many fans are already jumping on the 'fat' bandwagon - despite him clearly just being the typical beefcake build of heavyweight fighters that would pound their opponents into oblivion.

Fans are mistaking Thor as 'fat' - he's not

Whilst the films showcase Thor covered in bells and whistles, with Chris Hemsworth's glistening cinematic muscles and perfectly placed ponytails, the medieval era likely didn't have the same 'ooh Maybelline' hair flick that the production teams can create nowadays.

Instead, a more rough-around-the-edges appearance would have been probable, with a scarred war veteran favouring a burly chest over whimsy forearms - that hammer won't lift itself.

Some God of War fans are calling Thor fat, though...

Other comments like "beer belly Thor" and "wasn't expecting him to have a beer gut" further slandered his beefcake build, who now looks more like Game of Throne's Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane.

Thor's God of War: Ragnarok look is actually a more accurate depiction of what he would have looked like, topped off with his red hair that has yet to be accurately displayed in Marvel's universe. Trading hunk for chunk, Kratos' foe is stripped back to his raw and beefy description, taken from Norse mythology, rather than the glamorised versions on telly.

God of War: Ragnarok will be landing on PlayStation in 2022, where the hammer-wielding Thor will prove a worthy opponent for Kratos as he looks to juxtapose being a father and saving the world.


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