Ghost of Tsushima Artwork Hints At PC Release

Ghost of Tsushima Artwork Hints At PC Release
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Tom Chapman


22nd Jun 2021 15:20

We can see the glint of a samurai sword, as Sucker Punch Productions hints that it's about to release Ghost of Tsushima on PC. While the road to Ghost was a long one, the 2020 title proved to be well worth the wait as it took the story to feudal Japan and gave us what the Assassin's Creed games have failed to so far.

Released last year as a PlayStation exclusive, Ghost of Tsushima slipped into that awkward gap between consoles - just like The Last of Us Part II. Despite falling right at the end of the PlayStation 4's life cycle, both games sold a tonne of copies and won a slew of awards. There has been the obvious talk about PlayStation 5 remasters, but now, fans think Ghost is finally coming to PC.

What's the Ghost of Tsushima on PC rumour?

As first reported by VGC, Ghost of Tsushima is currently on sale at PlayStation Direct (at a reduced price) and Amazon. Both sites have conveniently lost the game's "Only on PlayStation" branding that is typically associated with Sony exclusives. Eagle-eyed gamers were quick to jump onto the bandwagon that this means Ghost is coming to PC.

It's important to remember that Sony previously took down its “Only on PlayStation” branding for Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn. Shortly after, both made their way onto PC as AAA titles to lose their PlayStation 4 exclusivity. 

Elsewhere, critics have pointed out that Sony seems to be phasing out its "Only on PlayStation" branding. Demon's Souls and the recent release of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart are missing the label, suggesting you can't always trust the box art. The site noted that The Last of Us and Uncharted 4 still keep their original box art, so we're not really sure what's going on. Still, it looks like Jin Sakai is up to something.

Will Ghost of Tsushima come to PC?

In the other corner, there's the long-held idea that Ghost of Tsushima will be getting a PS5 port. Interestingly, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure are on Sony's next-gen console and are also missing their exclusivity branding. Instead of Ghost on PC, is it a further nod toward a PS5 revamp?

Either way, there's a big argument for why now is the right time to bring Sony exclusives to PC. If sitting out this year's E3 wasn't bad enough for the Sony brand, rivals Microsoft eclipsed most showcases with its jam-packed presentation alongside Bethesda. Microsoft's E3 bonanza was so impressive, some have declared Sony dead in the water. One way to ensure the future of the company would be to port some of its biggest exclusives to PC.

In a recent PlayStation blog update, Herman Hulst, Sony's head of PlayStation Studios, said the company is "still early on in our planning for PC" and that it will "continue to look at the right time". Considering Microsoft is getting so much attention, that time is definitely now.

Both Days Gone and Horizon Zero Dawn have sold well on PC, so we know the formula works. Whether Ghost of Tsushima will round off the trio in style remains to be seen. If it does, expect it to slice up the competition like a plate of fresh sashimi. 


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