Game-breaking Warzone 2 bug kills players before they land

Game-breaking Warzone 2 bug kills players before they land
Infinity Ward | Raven Software

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Joseph Kime


21st Mar 2023 12:00

Don't act surprised that there's a new bug in Warzone 2.0 - you know the drill by now. As one of the most popular live-service games on the face of the planet, it'd be hard to imagine a Call of Duty battle royale game without some bugs.

Still, it seems the sheer number of problems have been inherited from its predecessor, and it's a pretty upsetting fate for the game to accept. Infinity Ward does its best to keep on top of problems, but they're often so rife, the devs are outnumbered. Lo and behold, here comes another.

Warzone 2.0 players are dying before they drop in

Game-breaking Warzone 2 bug is killing players before they land
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Raven Software

The latest update for Warzone 2.0 was supposed to fix a host of bugs that have plagued the game for some time, but instead, it's managed to do the opposite. A host of new bugs have been discovered in-game, including one that's particularly brutal.

A glitch has appeared that sees players die the moment they jump out of the game's plane, immediately losing a life and being sent straight to the Gulag with no chance to actually play the game before being forced into a fight to the death.

It's happening across both Ashika Island and Al Mazrah, making both areas almost unplayable to a host of players. This is a fresh frustration in a long list for Call of Duty fans - but thankfully, it looks like Raven Software is on the job.

Warzone 2.0's team is looking into the drop glitch

In a new tweet, it has been confirmed that Raven Software, the core developers of the first Warzone game and the first line of defence in bug fixes for its sequel, are looking into a fix.

One angry fan wrote, "Good night Raven, thank you so much for ruining my fun on a Saturday night after I got home from work, you managed to ruin Warzone which was the game I had fun with..."

Someone else saw the funny side and wrote, "Nooo, keep the bug, it's actually kinda funny 😂 Playing with teammates and saying 'look who's downed again, even in the pregame lobby.'"

Thankfully it looks like the fix will be coming soon, but it's just another problem on top of a mountain of others. Warzone in both of its forms is in a pretty sorry state, but hey, at least players will have a chance.

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