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15:00, 16 Sep 2020

We are two weeks into the Fortnite x Marvel crossover season. The war to save reality has begun. Galactus threatens the universe and our Fortnite champions have recruited the help of Marvel superheroes (and villains) such as the Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, and Spider-Man. Together, they must defend reality at all costs.

The new season brings with it new locations, weapons/items, cosmetics, and of course, challenges. Completing challenges throughout the season is essential for levelling up the Battle Pass. Some players love the activity of challenge hunting. For others, it may feel like a chore. Regardless, they are a necessity for those looking to earn all of the exclusive rewards.

Challenges were actually nerfed this season. Standard challenges now offer 25,000 XP and the Party Assist challenge grants 50,000 XP. Compare this to last season where standard challenges gave 35,000 XP, and the Party Assist challenges offered a massive 80,000 XP. This means completing all of the challenges is even more pertinent this season. Players that still need to catch up should check out our Week 3 Challenge Guide.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our Challenge Guide below for an in-depth breakdown of every single Week 4 challenge and the best course of action for completing them.

Fortnite Week 4 Challenges

Search Chests at Slurpy Swamps (7) - 25,000 XP

You know the drill. At this point in the season, Fortnite players should have recognised a pattern with these Weekly challenges. This week, players must search seven chests at Slurpy Swamps.

Thankfully, Slurpy Swamps is a premier location for this challenge. It's one of the larger POIs and is dense with loot. Plus, Slurpy Swamps is away from all the Chapter 2 - Season 4 action. This means the location won't be as crowded.

The longer players wait to do this challenge, the easier it becomes. Everyone races to get their challenges done at the start of the week. Wait a few days, and there will be way more chests to go around.

For those in a rush, jump into either Solos or Team Rumble. Hot-drop down to Slurpy Swamps as fast as possible. Ransack the location in search of whatever chests you can find. Once it seems like every chest has been searched, leave the match. Your progress will still count, but you won't waste any more time. Continue this pattern until seven chests have been searched.

Eliminations at Weeping Woods (3) - 25,000 XP

Opposite of the challenge above, players should aim to complete this challenge straight away. Like we mentioned above, most players try and get their challenges out of the way ASAP. That means there will be plenty of prey in Weeping Woods just waiting to be eliminated. Wait too long, and the amount of potential players at the POI drops dramatically.

Team Rumble will make this challenge a bit easier. Dying in Team Rumble has no consequences, so players can just keep dropping back in. Head to Weeping Woods straight off the Battle Bus and hunt down enemy players. There should be plenty of opportunity for eliminations depending on where the storm circle appears. Fight early and often. The three eliminations will come in no time.

Week 3 had a "Collect Wood from Weeping Woods" challenge. If you're behind on challenges, these two are an ideal pair to take on together.

Deal damage within 10 seconds of bouncing off an umbrella at Sweaty Sands (100) - 25,000 XP

Definitely one of the more unique challenges we've seen. Players will need to deal 100 damage after bouncing off of one of the Sweaty Sands umbrellas.

Any game mode works for this one. Head to Sweaty Sands as one usually would and loot up. From there, keep a lookout for enemy players. Lure them outside, preferably to the beach area. Jump on one of the many umbrellas and proceed to fight as normal.

Keep in mind, ten seconds feels a lot longer than it sounds. You'll have plenty of time to deal damage after each bounce. Once 100 total damage has been dealt, the challenge will complete.

Fortnite Week 4 Challenges

Destroy Collector Cases at The Collection (3) - 25,000 XP

The Collection is another one of Chapter 2 - Season 4’s Marvel-themed POIs. The Collection pays tribute to Guardians of the Galaxy. The new location can be found on a snowy mountain top just south of Retail Row. 

The POI is littered with giant glass cases. These are the Collector Cases. Inside each case, players will find varying forms of loot. Players must destroy the glass to access the loot and receive credit for the challenge.

Drop into any game mode and beeline to The Collection. The biggest obstacle here will be enemy players. You’ll need to either avoid them or eliminate them. Once at The Collection, start smashing the glass cases with your pickaxe. The challenge will complete after three different cases have been destroyed.

Fortnite Week 4 Challenges

Hack Stark Robots at Stark Industries (5) - 25,000 XP

This challenge takes players to another new location, Stark Industries. Tony Stark has set up camp on a massive piece of land located in the north-east portion of the map. Stark Industries is a dangerous location, guarded by Stark Robots and Iron Man himself. In Week 2, players had to eliminate Iron Man. Now, players will need to hack the Stark Robots patrolling the POI.

As one would expect. Stark Industries is HOT. Everyone wants to check out the new spot and claim Iron Man’s Mythic items. Try to avoid the cluster of action outside the facility. Instead, sneak inside the hangar on the right side where most of the Stark Robots spawn.

From here, unload fire on the robots. Down them, but don’t eliminate them. While downed, Stark Robots can be hacked. This is done with the press of a button, similar to picking up a downed player or shaking down a henchman. Approach the downed robot and hack it. This will revive it as an ally on your side. 

Repeat these steps with five different Stark Robots to complete the challenge. Be warned, players can only have three hacked robots alongside them at a time. So, make sure you get rid of a couple before going for a fourth and fifth.

Destroy Gatherers (20) - 25,000 XP

The evil villain Galactus is closing in on the Fortnite planet. He has sent his powerful robotic drones to wreak havoc in the meantime.

This challenge must be broken down into a few steps. Every match, large drones called Gorgers spawn randomly throughout the map. The spawn locations can be identified by a bright red beam that shoots into the sky. We suggest players jump off the Battle Bus and pull their glider out immediately. Float in the air until you see the red beam shoot into the sky. You now know the location of a Gorger.

Gorgers give birth to our real target, Gatherers. Gorgers will constantly spawn in these mini-drones. Players must eliminate 20 of them to complete the challenge.

Dance around the Gorger while the Gatherers spawn. If you eliminate the Gorger, no more Gatherers will appear. The Gatherers are weak, so keep fighting them while avoiding damage from the massive Gorger. Repeat these steps while monitoring your progress toward completion.

Fortnite Week 4 Challenges

Deal damage with a Gatherer’s remains - (10,000) 50,000 XP

This challenge goes hand-in-hand with the one above. Players must deal 10,000 total damage with the remains of Gatherers.

Gatherer’s remains are a 100% drop from eliminating a Gatherer. The body will fall to the ground and begin to flash and beep. Pick it up before it explodes. Now, use this heavy energy weapon to eliminate other Gatherers and eventually, the Gorger itself.

Ideally, players will pair this challenge up with the “Destroy Gatherers” challenge. Doing so will make two lengthy challenges a whole lot easier. Also, this challenge, in particular, can be completed using the Party Assist feature.

Deal damage to opponents at Steamy Stacks (500) - 25,000 XP

A standard “deal damage” challenge. Players must deal 500 total damage at the Steamy Stacks POI.

We recommend going for this one ASAP. Steamy Stacks is very remote and does not have a ton of visitors. If you wait too long, you could very well be the only player landing here. That’ll make completing this challenge quite tricky.

Queue up for a match in either Solos or Team Rumble. Head straight for Steamy Stacks; this will give you the best chance of encountering enemy players. Grab a gun as quickly as possible and advance in the direction of enemy players and/or gunfire. Move on to a new player following each elimination. Dealing 500 damage means eliminating five players with no shields or two and a half fully shielded players.

If no one else is around, just leave the match and try again. You’re bound to run into some competition eventually.

Deal damage to opponents at The Authority (500) - 25,000 XP

Weirdly enough, it looks like we have a bonus challenge this week. The final challenge is a duplicate of the one above but at a different location. Challenge #9 asks players to deal 500 damage at the Authority.

Players will certainly have no trouble finding targets for this challenge. The Authority is dead-centre of the map and is always one of the hottest landing spots. In this case, queue up for Team Rumble and fly down toward The Authority. Loot up and patrol the location for enemies. Players should have no problem completing this challenge a few minutes into a single Team Rumble match.

We’ll be back next week with another edition of our Fortnite Challenge Guide. Stay tuned here @GGReconEsports for Fortnite news, guides, features, and more.

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