Fortnite Vault Hack Lets You Get Inside Without Keys

Fortnite Vault Hack Lets You Get Inside Without Keys
Images via Epic Games

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Joseph Kime


4th Oct 2022 10:15

Fortnite is typically pretty bug-free, thankfully. You'd hope so, to be honest, with the game being one of the absolute giants of the industry and a champion of the medium in pop culture.

With Fortnite being such a whopper, and boasting an extensive team supporting it, it's certainly good news that exploits are typically quite hard to find. Still, that hasn't stopped players from identifying a bug that's letting them get a ridiculous amount of free loot.

Can You Get Into A Fortnite Vault Without Keys?

Some players have discovered a new bug that's letting you break into Fortnite vaults - even the high-security ones - without needing to grab a key. Even though it's not exactly hard to find keys out there on the map, this at least takes out one of the steps. It was shared to YouTube by GKI, showing you how it's done. 

The security measures that keep you out of vaults are perfectly fair (given the grade of loot you can find inside it), but it looks like Fortnite fans have had enough of looking for keys and are breaking in regardless. This isn't exactly an easy process, and to be honest, it's probably easier to just hunt for a key. 

The bug requires players to have a mount - we'd suggest a boar because they're more readily available. You build a ramp with its lower end touching the vault, and then, the player bolts into it while jumping all the while. If it works, you should glitch through the wall and end up inside the vault without a key. Remembering that most vaults come with a port-a-potty to help you travel out, you don't need to worry about getting stuck inside.


When Is The Fortnite Vault Hack Going To Get Patched?

Many bugs in Fortnite - especially those that seriously impact the advantage a player can gain in-game - are taken care of pretty quickly. The team at Epic is suitably massive, so it'd be no surprise to see this glitch be taken care of within the week... if not sooner. If you want to give it a go for yourself, you might want to be quick about it.

The Fortnite vault hack definitely has the potential to give you the upper hand in combat and get some sweet upper-tier loot to grab the crown. Then again, Epic is known for frowning upon cheaters if it classes this one as a cheat rather than a slightly naughty exploit. Who knows, there might even be a dub or two in it for you.

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