Fortnite’s LEGO game mode has "ruined shops" according to players

Fortnite’s LEGO game mode has "ruined shops" according to players
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Megan Cooke


3rd Feb 2024 22:15

Fortnite skins have become almost as integral to the game as the main Battle Royale mode in recent years with a huge number of collaborations coming out to collect.

The recent addition of LEGO Fortnite has left some players unhappy with how this has caused changes to the shop, with some people thinking the mode should have its own store to avoid impacting existing skins.

Fortnite players think that the LEGO mode is ruining the shop

A Fortnite player took to Reddit to vent about the state of the store after recently added game modes have caused some shop issues.

The main target of frustration was the Jack Skellington skin, which is no longer being sold with the bundle it originally came with, allegedly due to the emote not working in the LEGO mode.

The Jack Skellington skin was originally released in Chapter 4 Season 4 and came alongside the Pumpkin King bundle.

The skin was recently added back to the store without the bundle, which caused players hoping to purchase the whole thing to become upset.

The Reddit post said: “Jack Skellington is back but not with his bundle because his emote doesn’t work in lego. Is this a joke?

“I hope this minecraft rip off gimmick dies out. It ruined shops. Also heart breaker is back but they put him between the music tracks. These shops are not only terrible but also broken.”

“It really is kind of goofy. Like... who cares if the emote doesn't work in Lego? Just drop the bundle,” said one player.

Another agreed, stating: “I'm with you. It's like Epic totally forgot they also have other modes besides Lego.

“I don't understand why they can't do bundles and then put a message next to it "this emote only works on Battle Royale and STW" like they do with some backblings with guns.”

A running theory amongst some players is that a deal has been made between Fortnite and LEGO which is preventing emotes which do not work in the mode being sold, however this is not confirmed.

Players think that the new game modes should have their own shop

by u/Ok_Society1 from discussion
in FortNiteBR

One idea which has been pitched in the FortNiteBR subreddit is the LEGO game mode having its own shop.

This would allow non-compatible skins and emotes to be sold without confusion, keeping more players happy and making it possible to expand the range of what is available.

“Lego Fortnite needs a separate shop at this point,” one player commented.

Another said: “You'd think with these modes being an idea since 2017, they'd have made a separate shop for them.”

Not everyone is happy with this solution, of course, with others suggesting that the shop could be separated by game mode through drop down menus.

One player suggested: “I'd rather they separate in a dropdown or something instead of mode. I want to view all shops/quests and so on in one mode but still sorted correctly so I don't have to change mode just to view everything.”

The issue with separating LEGO skins and Battle Royale skins is that a good amount of them function in both game modes.

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It is likely that this would lead to even more confusion in the long run, so while it is clear that players want something to change it isn’t clear what would actually make a difference.

Either way, this isn't the first time that players have had issues with the Fortnite shop and probably won't be the last.

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