No patch notes? No problem!

17:00, 30 Apr 2020

Epic Games has officially stopped releasing patch notes with each update for Fortnite. But don’t worry — that’s why we’re here! In addition to providing unofficial patch notes, we will discuss the leaks coming out of the patch. This includes future weapons, in-game events and limited-time modes. Check out everything new with Patch v12.50 below:

Gameplay Changes

●    Aim Assist (AA) adjusted
○    240hz AA will now work similarly to 60hz AA. The goal is to balance AA on PC without negatively impacting console players
○    Epic Games plans to monitor this change closely and will listen to player feedback

●    Heavy Sniper nerfed
○    Damaged decreased from 150/157 to 126/132 for the Epic and Legendary variants

New Weapons/Items

●    No new weapons or items were added in Patch v12.50

Map Changes

●    Risky Reels is now a named POI

New Playlists

●    Party Royale
○    Party Royale is a new experimental and evolving space. Leave your weapons and mats behind and hang out with friends, play games, perfect your skydive and more. The party’s just getting started!

●    Operation: Payload
○    A new spy mode debuts. Use your current spy tech, as well as newly released tech, to defend/escort the payload against the other team which tries to stop you -- then switch sides. The mode takes you to different parts of the island, check it out and have fun.


●    New Duo Boxfight playlist added

Bug Fixes

●    Issues with frame rate and resolution drops in v12.41 fixed

Fortnite Update Patch Notes

Major Competitive Announcements

Competitive Fortnite is about to heat up. The FNCS Invitational tournament has been announced. This event will be a Solo competition featuring the top-ranked players in the world. Players that qualify for an invitation will compete for an enormous $2M USD prize pool.

That’s not all. Epic has announced they will be hosting even more Cash Cups. These events give players on all platforms a chance to make a name for themselves while also winning some money. These Cups will work similarly to the ones held previously. The Cash Cups are free to enter and open to anyone. 

New Skins/Cosmetics

With every new patch comes a plethora of brand new, unreleased cosmetics. For a complete list of all the leaked cosmetics in Patch v12.50, click here

There you have it. Everything Fortnite fans can expect to find in Patch v12.50. Stay tuned here for more Fortnite news, updates and tips.

Images via Epic Games

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