Fortnite’s ODM Gear has broken build mode

Fortnite’s ODM Gear has broken build mode
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Jack Marsh


9th May 2023 14:51

Since No-Build mode was introduced to Fortnite, the game has changed drastically. Players have been stuck between sweating it out in multistory box-filled player-made buildings or running around willy-nilly, all guns blazing.

But now, regardless of whether you wanted to build or not, you won't actually be able to form those all-important ramps if you're an ODM gear fan. At least not on the first try anyway, as a bug has surfaced - causing the ODM Gear to break building in Fortnite.

Fortnite's ODM Gear has broken building

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Who needs building when you can swing? This appears to be the theme for Fortnite's current Chapter 4 Season 2, as the Spiderman-esque ODM Gear that arrived as part of the Attack on Titan crossover has been glitched to break building.

Players have found that when using the ODM Gear and landing following a session swinging through the air, building was disabled. This means if you were landing into a fight, you'd be drastically disadvantaged against those already on the ground.

This wasn't the case every time a player used the ODM Gear, but the glitch has been occurring quite regularly and has even gone as far as catching the attention of Epic Games.

Epic Games address ODM Gear glitch in Fornite


Taking to Twitter, Epic Games confirmed that the glitch is being investigated, and a fix is being worked on for a future update.

In the meantime, players can counteract the glitch by "swinging again or switching weapons." Be warned that simply dropping the ODM Gear might actually worsen this and make it last the rest of the game.

So, next time you're swinging from the trees, make sure you don't land in the middle of mayhem. You might just be without your builds, resulting in a quick exit back to the main menu.

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