Fortnite leaks show off Season 4 map changes

Fortnite leaks show off Season 4 map changes
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27th Aug 2020 09:07

It's time to unite Earth's Mightiest Heroes as Fortnite brings us the ultimate Marvel crossover for Chapter 2 Season 4. Following in the footsteps of the DC/Aquaman-themed Season 3, early rumours suggested we'd be hopping over to the madness of Marvel this time around.

With hints of Wolverine slashing his way onto the map, Thor swinging his hammer into action, and She-Hulk clobbering her way into proceedings, the whispers became fact with Epic's "epic" reveal. Now, fresh leaks have shown the full Season 4 map.

Although it's much of the same this time around in terms of the overall aesthetic, there are a couple of talking points that are sure to become hotbeds of action. Namely, there's a brand-new base of operations in the form of the Avengers' iconic Helicarrier.

Appearing in the comics and made popular by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Helicarrier has become the base of operations for Nick Fury and his S.H.E.I.L.D. team. Although the eye-patched leader hasn't been spotted yet in Fortnite Season 4, it players will get to make good use of his base.

Season 4 map changes have leaked!

Known Fortnite leaker HYPEX has shown off the full Season 4 map. With Aquaman gone and the waters receding, it's no surprise the Fortilla and Yacht have gone with it. Although the map doesn't look that different on the surface, there's the unmissable arrival of some giant Sentinels.

The supersized robots are known for hunting the X-Men, and with notable mutants like Mystique, Wolverine, and Storm now part of the game, the Sentinels have also landed. 

Thankfully, it looks like the X-Men have beaten Bolivar Trask's bots, that now litter an area of the map known as the Sentinel Graveyard. The first Season 4 trailer showed off different items scattered around the map, so we're expecting there will bigger changes to the overall look when Galactus himself lands in Fortnite.

Speaking of which, it's clear the world devouring villain is the big bad of Season 4, and could be the most dangerous enemy we've ever faced in Fortnite.

There's also Doom's Domain, where the metal-masked menace of The Fantastic Four will presumably call home. What's currently unclear is whether villains like Doctor Doom and Mystique will be working alongside the heroes to help defeat Galactus or if they've teamed up with him.

Elsewhere, there's a range of skins, including a riff on Wolverine's adamantium claws with a new look for Peely. In Season 4, he'll be able to shoot bananas from his hands.

Still, the main POI is the Helicarrier - which we can't wait to explore. Epic explained: "High above this strange land, it is where we'll prepare to stand against him - Galactus". 

Ultimately, we'll have to wait until the servers are back up to find out what other changes have blown in with this mountain of Marvel content. As we gallop toward Fortnite Season 4, there's no denying this looks like it could be the most exciting season yet. 

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