Fortnite Kamehameha Attack Desperately Needs A Nerf

Fortnite Kamehameha Attack Desperately Needs A Nerf
Images: Epic Games

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Joseph Kime


17th Aug 2022 12:49

Fortnite's new Dragon Ball crossover is (by a wide margin) one of the biggest events the game has ever seen. The battle royale favourite certainly seems to love its anime, as the arrival of Naruto was also a pretty big deal - but not nearly on the same scale as this.

Now that Goku and Vegeta are here, so are a wealth of challenges and items for fans to gather. Unlike most crossovers, it seems that Dragon Ball has completely taken over the island. If that wasn't enough, one new item is so incredibly powerful that fans are concerned it could completely dominate the game's meta.

Is Fortnite's Kamehameha Attack Too Powerful?

Joining Fortnite along with the rest of its Dragon Ball additions, the Kamehameha Wave from the anime has landed as an in-game item, which lets players hover off of the ground and unleash an unfathomably powerful beam attack.

Though it's a very anime-accurate attack, its power is deeply unbalanced. This completely threatens the meta of the game, as fans laugh online at how unbelievably strong it is. Uh oh, this has nerf written all over it. 

The conversation began on Reddit, where fans shared their videos of dishing out punishment with the new Kamehameha, and it's absolutely brutal to watch. The attack is overpowered without any doubt, and it's incredibly likely that it's going to get a nerf very soon. Seeing obliterate Darth Vader in a blink of an eye shows exactly what we're talking about. 


Fans React To The OP Kamehameha In Fortnite

Players have been taking to the internet to react to the Kamehameha, not just because it's incredibly powerful, but because it practically exemplifies the bizarre nature of Fortnite's crossover machine. Our favourite is seeing one player take out an opponent as Goku and then immediately jump into the celebratory griddy. Well, what do you expect? 

The move is undoubtedly an overpowered one for now, but its future depends now on when exactly it'll get nerfed. Even though the Kamehameha attack is only a temporary one as part of the Dragon Ball collab, this isn't a case of if, but definitely when it'll be rebalanced. In the meantime, it's pretty good marketing for Fortnite and the Dragon Ball challenges as we try to climb the Battle Pass.

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