Fortnite Fans Trolled With Chapter 4 Map Leaks

Fortnite Fans Trolled With Chapter 4 Map Leaks
Images via Epic Games

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Tom Chapman


28th Nov 2022 14:47

The end is nigh, and while we only just got around to enjoying Fortnite Chapter 3, Epic Games is ready to pull the plug on the game's latest outing.

It seems like an eternity since Season 1's The End sucked in Fortnite locales like Fatal Fields and Lazy Lagoon, and even though we're currently on our third map, we're expecting a similarly catastrophic event.

Things are starting to come into view ahead of December 3's "Fracture" live event, but obviously, it's speculation over the Chapter 4 map that's got everyone talking.

Watch Out For Fortnite Chapter 4 Map Leaks

A quick scan of Reddit, and you'll find we're inundated with map "leaks" and concept art. Among all the seemingly genuine leaks from dataminers, there's a slew of fraudulent maps.

Some are clearly joke ones - like the above only featuring Coral Castle duplicates - but others are a lot more convincing. 

Leaning into ones that could actually be legitimate, Fortnite fanatic FitzyLeakz has delivered a very impressive concept map and compiled it all in a handy thread.

Here, we're told Chapter 4 will be called "Reforged," which hammers home that the map will be built from various fractured remnants as a sort of patchwork.

New POIs include the desert-like Slurpy Sands, snow-capped Ski Skies, and the fiery Volcanic Valley. There's a classic loot pool that brings back the likes of the pump shotgun and assault rifle, while new additions include shield mist and jet skis. 

What Else Do We Know About Fortnite Chapter 4?

Familiar locations like Misty Meadows, Frosty Flights, and Starry Suburbs could return, but remember, this is just a concept.

Others have suggested that the Chapter 4 map will be a very literal formation of the three previous maps, which would at least appease those who miss the OG map. 

For once, Epic is managing to keep a pretty tight lid on the map leaks. Given that the start of a new chapter is such a big thing, we're glad it's a secret for now.

With just days to go until we find out what the Herald is up to and whether the map will be flipped, pulled into the Zero Point, or something completely different, prepare for a whole new Fortnite... again. 

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